Killzone 2 Backlash ( editorial)

"Much like the MetaCritic Incident in which fanboys used the review aggregator as a battlefield, Killzone 2 is becoming a hotbed of controversy regarding review scores...

...One must wonder if this is a Gerstmann situation in reverse, in which review exclusivity - which, in my humble opinion, is an evil practice that should be abolished - and corporate pressure makes it harder for a journalist to be objective."


IGN was incorrectly named. It should have said "TVG".

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JonahFalcon3389d ago

I just know I'm going to regret posting this on N4G.

boodybandit3389d ago

Oh please stop Jonah. Enough already with your BS. You hate anything Sony and are one of the biggest trouble makers on the web when it comes to starting flamewars. This is what you live for.

You could simply remove this story just as fast as you posted it if you were being serious. Anyone that doubts me about Jonah just google him "Jonah Falcon" and see for yourself just what he is into. He lives on usenet and other sites spreading his venom about his hatred for Sony, and in the past, Electronic Arts.

sonarus3389d ago

IGN awarded the game an 8/10????

spacetoilet3389d ago

Maybe the mickey mouse UK site scored it lower I'm not sure.

Obama3389d ago

You should be ashamed for posting this since IGN gave this game a 9.4 not 8.

HighDefinition3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Report this as fake, lame and spam. Also REPORT the submitter. This shouldn`t have made it thru.

freeblue3389d ago

Site reviews still think they can just put whatever they want on a review and no one will question their professionalism. they believe just because they say so, gamers will jsut take their words for it even all the videos and handons said otherwise. remember the "non destructible," nitpick "low textures". When they make mistakes, you bet gamers will correct them. It's about time to let the reviewers know they're no higher than the gamers they write for. they just have a priviledge of playing the game early than most, nothing more. They ain't elites.

crazypuppet3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

There is nothing wrong with this story its just an editorial that in my opinion is accurate, all the most recent reviews for killzone have been under 8.5. So i do believe that the initial high scores are due to fanboy pressure on the publications. However, I havent played the game other then the demo so i cannot say that the game is good or bad, only that the reviews have most likely been skewed.

Edit: I didnt realize that they said ign gave it 8, since thats the case i agree with the removal of this story.

HighDefinition3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Fake info is NOT allowed.

IGN did NOT give Killzone2 a 8. Regardless of how major or minor you feel that is.

Blitzed3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Another fuc*in troll desperate to knock KZ2 down a few pegs with blatant lies and FUD. What are you guys so scared of? Why would any true gamer not want this game to live up to the hype?

Keep fighting the good fight Jonah, you're really making a difference! 3 people out of the 2 million pre-orders just cancelled after reading your FUD. Now go celebrate by beating off into a gymsock while reading Edge's review!

pswi603389d ago

i posted a response to your article on your garbage website. hopefully you have the balls to approve it, because honestly, someone needs to put you in your place.

you are the worst blogger/journalist i have ever seen. you must hate yourself and you must hate the ps3 to be putting out all that garbage and propaganda. HHG is even more honest that you, and he is borderline sensationalist. life must suck for you, seeing all these good things happening for the ps3. you are the joke of n4g.

its time the gaming community starts ignoring people who:

1. try to start flame wars with crappy articles like "will X game be X killer?

2. stop giving garbage websites hits that keep repeating the same tired headlines over and over: 'is the ps3 doomed?', 'can the ps3 catch up?', 'will sony make it out of 3rd this gen?' etc

3. start ignoring troll review scores - EDGE should be wiped off the face of the earth for what they did to KZ2 and Halo Wars. Both of these games are at least 9. if a pub wants to be a troll, do not give them your money or hits to their sites

4. stop putting up with media bias period. i have a 360 and a ps3 and i want to know whats good for each. eurogamer recently posted screenshot comparisons for the RE5 demo, and they made sure every ps3 screenshot was as blurry as can be. So i went and got the demo for both, and it looks great on both systems. but even little things like this shouldnt be ignored, and media outlets need to be called on it (like the GT Grid fiasco)

People like this kid Jonah are all over the internet, and they need to be silenced, period. HHG is another one, he is starting to spread FUD, and that is not acceptable just because he is pro ps3. Because as soon as KZ2 doesnt outsell Gears 2 day 1, Xbox fanboys are gonna lash out back at us because of what he said. Its time to stop the nonsense people.

BalekFekete3388d ago

Jonah -

You know, I really feel sorry for you. Honestly, I do. You have such venom pent up for Sony and/or the PS3, I just can't understand it all. More over, I can't understand how on Earth you can live knowing - knowing as in fact - that Sony now has what is shaping up to be a highly rated, successful title in Killzone 2. The idea that you twist scores of reviews touting how good the game is into some sort of twisted conspiracy is simply pathetic.

I do feel sorry for you. You have your mind closed to a system that is now starting to give the consumer - us gamers - titles worth playing. I own all the major consoles, and have since the original PlayStation. I play the games, not the consoles, so I have the wonderful position of playing truly great games like Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Super Mario Sunshine...all without watching my blood pressure jump out of hatred for any manufacturer.

However, with that said, who I REALLY feel sorry for are Doodirock and DSmooth over at The idea that you are co-branding with that extraordinary site is a travesty of epic proportion. This site was a nice idea of theirs to get going, but your repetative pisspoor journalism (or at least attempts to that end) drags that name into the muck. I can't do anything but shake my head.

Sessler said it best..."Take your d*&k, and stick it your mouth so I don't have to hear you talk anymore."

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bomboclaat_gamer3389d ago

when a game is massively hyped and overrated.

it comes under massive fire. this game is definitely not perfect, but a good game non the less. not great. it doesnt add anything new to the genre. i.e. generic. graphics are good, ugly textures, blah blah blah lbh blah.

go buy the game when it comes out and shut up. if u like it, no one should influence u to not like it. if so, then ur a sheep. just like most americans

bomboclaat_gamer3389d ago

and im so special

thats why mi strapped wid mi 45 special. bwoy a trace mi fi gyal and dem a trace like Petal

Fruit Loops3389d ago

with your annoying typing, talk like us normal people and maybe I can understand

Alexious3389d ago

Ahah, ridiculous and pathetic story. BACKLASH? It's one idiotic magazine giving it a 7. There's another 8, 8.7 and then ALL 9-10 scores. Wait, I know, I know that you Xbots are about to point out that probably the reviewer who gave it a 7 is the ONLY person right on Earth about Killzone 2! But wait....Let me remind you some of the previous EDGE track with game scores.

7 Fallout 3
7 Mass Effect
7 God of War 1&2
7 Killzone 2
6 Resistance 2
6 Call of Duty: World at War

How's it now? EDGE has ZERO credibility. These are ALL pathetic scores. They just want to be sensationalist so people will talk about them all over the net, so whoever tries to use EDGE's review as a shield "against Killzone" is a moron and hypocrite.

GiantEnemyCrab3389d ago

"Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone."

-----> Go that way to the Open Zone ------>

pswi603389d ago

Crab, then why don't you report him and have your mommy and daddy mods come in and delete his comments so your feelings can be un-hurt.

I see a pattern with you bots lately:

1. troll and flame
2. when the user gets upset, tell them to go that way ----->
3. report user to a mod

Give it up already. It wouldn't offend you tools if it weren't true

bomboclaat_gamer3389d ago

killzone 2 got a 7 LOLLOOOLLOLOLOL

SE7EN OUT OF 10.uhhhhhhhhh
not good enough.uhhhhhhh
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool Hwhip3389d ago

How are you not banned from the Gamerzone?

pixelsword3389d ago

if he was however...

=> => =>

pswi603389d ago


SE7EN OUT OF 10.uhhhhhhhhh
not good enough.uhhhhhhh
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see what i did there?

Blitzed3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

He is not banned because this guy probably is a mod on this site.

Hey Babyclat, the only thing your strapped with (see his 2.2 comments) is a serious case of Carpal Tunnel from jerkin off to the Edge review.

Fanboys are truly fu*ked, it must have been killing you waiting for a low score to come in, despite the fact that it was still relatively positive. Gotta hang your hat on something though right? Maybe now you can stop starring longingly at the PS3 ads in the flyer; when your 360's not lookin of course, wouldn't want to upset your version of American Pie. Hows that d!ck dongle working for ya?

No one is going to take away your 360 when KZ2 is out, you can put the gun away.

PirateThom3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Thank God for Edge or else the 360 fanboys may not have any way to discredit the game... ESPECIALLY AFTER THEY WENT INTO HIDING AFTER THE NUMEROUS GOOD SCORES.

How sad that people latch on to the only sub-8/10 score and ignore the numerous 9+ scores.

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nycredude3389d ago

Maybe you should take your BS into the openn zone. I don't how people like you continue to stay in the gamer zone as it's obvious you aren't into gaming, but hating. GTFUH with your BS. This game could get -50 on metacritic and I would still buy it (Preorder and paid in full), why cause I played the demo and it's perfect for a fps.

bomboclaat_gamer3389d ago

its perfect in ur eyes, cuz ur a fanboy. its not perfect. thats y it got a 7

pswi603389d ago

it has a 93 on Metacritic. out of 40 reviews, 2 are below 90.

Halo Wars 0.8/10 on Metacritic

If you want to be ridiculous, we can go there

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