NextGN: Prince Of Persia Review

Prince of Persia lives up to its reputation. It's very artistic and a good change to the series. Ubisoft put a lot of work into this new title and it really shows. The game lasts about 10 hours with some cool costumes to be unlocked. The birth of the new Prince really looks good.

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PixlSheX3578d ago

i don't feel the same emotion that i felt when playing pop: sands of time.. or the two thrones.
This game is excellent, good storyline and this and that.. but is so repetitive.

And all the ubisoft games of this gen has been repetitive. (Assassin's creed, far cry 2, pop.)

I really hope they fix that... feelling...

godmoney3578d ago

I really hoped Ubisoft will learn from their mistakes with Assassin's creed... they didn't...
BUT - Prince of Persia is a much better game than AC. I REALLY liked it and it is maybe the best looking game I have ever played...

I do regret they didn't bring back the old prince.