Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers Trailer

The new trailer for Square Enix's upcoming Wii title, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers has been released on the internet. This is the trailer that is included with FF Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time for Wii.

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Hiruma Youchi3376d ago

Nah It aint like that , Get your mind right Homeboi , This looks like one of the hawtest joint to hit the wii in a while ! The quality seems on point.

barakiu3376d ago

that's what I said.

everyone knows Wii is basically the Dreamcast 2. :)

animboo3376d ago

bubbles for you dude, you made me laugh..

TheColbertinator3376d ago

It looks really quirky and unique.Come on SE a 2009 release date plz

animboo3376d ago

i'm really waiting for this one for my wii, hope this comes out in 2009 hopefully spring. please se make it so..

Hiruma Youchi3376d ago

been waiting on that joint since 06.

NinjaRyu3376d ago

hopefully this game will make 2009!

qface643376d ago

THANK YOU square-enix i didn't think id ever say that lol im just happy this game wasn't canned :D

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The story is too old to be commented.