Mirror's Edge Third-Person View Activated

Gamezine: It's time to experience Mirror's Edge in the third-person.

Mirror's Edge revolutionised the platforming genre by introducing it to the first-person view - a view that had traditionally been relegated to shooters. But how would the game have looked if it was played in the traditional third-person view? Now you can find out.

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FantasyStar3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I'd be falling alot, that's for sure. The TPV looks awkward though...not surprised.

lociefer3458d ago

lol she looks like santa trying to jog

sonarus3458d ago

the run animation in 3rd person is crap

Mindboggle3458d ago

Yeh it doesnt look to natural, faith looks a bit retarded when shes running.

TheROsingleB3458d ago

Posting in this article needs to play through Half-Life 1, or even 2, in 3rd person mode and THEN talk about how retarded Faith looks, because Gordon looks much worse lol.
Game wasn't suppose to be played in 3rd person, this kind of animation cut-back on the models is pretty standard in ANY First Person game, not just Mirror's Edge... it saves the animators and modelers an abundance of memory and animation lines, relax about how it looks, damn!

Rapture3333458d ago

Those are horrible animations

Milky3458d ago

LOOL its so ridiculous.

phosphor1123458d ago

And thats what happens when you try to 3rd person view a single player first person game...that is all.

uie4rhig3457d ago

actually, there was this mod for UT3 on the PS3, that changed the experience from FPS to TPS, and that one looked fine.. it was still pretty cool.. but this is just fail lol

ThanatosDMC3457d ago

Wow, it's like a the Half Life 1 mod Earth's Special Forces for the body animations! Utter crap!

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Crazyglues3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

or did someone hack this.....

because in that video her movement looks fugly...

DJ3458d ago

And quite surprising. Her movement looks so fluid in FPS mode.

edhe3458d ago

Creating a game for FPS is far far different from TPS.

Sangria3458d ago

The animations are disturbing, but it's a good experience. Now i now that Mirror's Edge should be played in first person view only.

Not because the animations are ugly (which is quite normal since the game wasn't planned to be played in third person view) but because the third person view lacks of immersion and precision.

stevenhiggster3458d ago

It looks poo! stick to first person I say.

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The story is too old to be commented.