IGN: Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast, Episode 34

Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat. Matt Casamassina, Craig Harris, Bozon, and Daemon Hatfield are going to waggle their way into your hearts.

With Craig and Daemon trapped in some kind of Bay Area blackout -- very likely the beginning of a dystopian society -- Matt and Mark handle the podcast exclusively from Los Angeles. The bearded editors talk about everything from Winter and MadWorld to Retro Studios' new game, DQ5, Sonic & the Black Knight, House of the Dead: Overkill, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins and more.

Plus, since Daemon is out and therefore cannot skip over the majority of reader questions, the remaining editors answer them all.

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Product3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

WHY do people not listen to these things!

Besides the hardcore games we already know about like Madworld,House of the Dead and the Conduit,coming in the next couple months Matt confirms that there is hardcore(he says dark) games "coming to wii and seeing them as soon as April'

"Look for major IP's from major publishers "coming soon.He says look to his prediction piece for hints on some of the stuff thats coming among others.

Neutral90003463d ago

I have no strong feelings either way about Luigi's hat having a 'B' on it instead of an 'L', however, the podcast is over 9000 kilobytes.

Product3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

This podcast includes:
-Madworld with exclusive ign content coming after first week of Feb.All month everyday somthing new IGN and Sega have a deal where Ign will get exclusive content everyday.Full level walkthroughs are a feature of this.
-House of the Dead and say the directors cut(unlocked after you beat the first game) is way better,harder and more fun then regular difficulty.
-Shaun White sales makes Ubisoft confident in wii and other ventures with wii coming up
-Winter and how ign thinks that it will get a publisher since more then 10,000 people have signed a petition...on one site alone.
-Excited about Fragile and the flashlight controls;combat and camera bugs are the main problems.
-Motion + fixes every control problem with wii games,"fixes wii"
-Predicts Wiisports Resort will be best selling game of 09 and have legs longer and stronger the wiiplay.
-Predicts Motion + to be $20 when sold seperately.
-Talks about how hd console reviewers are to worried with putting a disc into their systems and saying to themselves" Alright wow me!" and how that mentality is not good for games.
-Complains about how no great games are coming out for virtual console lately because of waiting for the sd card fix.
-Talk about Sonic and the Black Knight and how they are excited about it.
-They think the wii remote is a step forward but still likes dual analog also(bozon wonders why there isnt a analog where the d-pad is for dual analog)
-Matt knows about "alot" of hardcore games coming out and cant say anything.
-Talks about Tenchu and how they like it but think its been done before
-Retro Studios helped Nintendo with Gamecube Prime 1 and 2 new play control games rereleases for Wii
-Retro Studios have hired some Midway tech Directors(one from the Area 51 arcade games)
-Retro Studios working on new "epic" wii game
-Alot of Ps3 devs pulling alot of games and going to wii and making Mini games to stay in business

These are the big points made in the podcast.