LittleBigPlanet 1.08 patch fixes ... nothing

You may have noticed a LittleBigPlanet patch went live this weekend. However, don't expect the patch to fix any glitches. A developer stated that "the 1.08 update contains content only. The Edam update is still going through the testing process and we'll have more information about its release date once it's completed testing."

The 1.08 patch adds textures to be used in upcoming costume DLC releases, such as the Chinese New Year costumes pictured above.

The upcoming "Edam" patch will fix a number of glitches, such as the full profile warning, save corruption, and slow rewind.

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Cajun Chicken3405d ago

Hurry up with making the Edam, I don't want to be deleting all my community objects again.

Rich16313405d ago

I still experience lag with this game and my counter on the left of my pod has yet to actually work, but hey, it is still a good game. Looking forward to the actual patch.

I_am_rushin3405d ago

First of all LBP is P2P. Meaning that lag depends solely on your internet connection and that of your host. MM can't fix the internet. And second the counter doesn't work for anyone.

clevernickname3405d ago

Why on earth was the 1.08 update 62 MB large? It was nearly an hour of my time to download and install.

I hope the next update is far more reasonable.

Mindboggle3405d ago

Wow it took you an hour to download 64 mb !! Have you still got dial up or something.

BrianC62343405d ago

Are you exaggerating on how long it took? An hour to download and install a 62MB update makes no sense. Welcome to 1200 baud modem speed. Or maybe 28k.

clevernickname3405d ago

No exaggeration. I have no idea why it took that long, but it did. Perhaps the servers were overloaded.

Curiously, I had no iasues downloading the Wipeout demo a short time later.


andyo133405d ago

it was a 13 mb file here, and it was one of the few updates that doesnt take hours to complete. every other update seems to take FOREVER >.<

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tda-danny3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

They said the Edam patch wouldn't be released for a few weeks.

They released this patch, and everyone jumped to conclusions that Edam was released early. Calm the Fvck down people.

BrianC62343405d ago

This seems to happen all the time. Sony takes a lot of heat when a huge rumor goes around and doesn't happen. People should stop assuming so much.

Viatrophy3405d ago

Anybody know when the co-op create patch is coming?
Thats the one thing I want LittleBigPlanet to have, it was the one feature when they announced it that made me want this game.

Darkiewonder3405d ago

It's never going to happen until they can fix the lag issues. Sure some people have had no problems playing online but others.. well. anyways, The Leerdammer update supposedly will fix any lag/packet lost issues. So hopefully once that patch comes out they can try online coop again ;o

Darkiewonder3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

well the blog post title on MM site said "More Cheese?" so i guess the names of the updates all were related to cheese? [same with the earlier update blogs posted there too] ;P

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The story is too old to be commented.