Are PS4, Xbox 720 & Wii 2 going to use motion-sensing controllers?

The Nintendo Wii may have bitterly disappointed me in many respects but I cannot deny it has added some very important things to the industry. Number one on that list has to be the Wii Remote, bringing supposed real world movement to game worlds. So could this method of controlling games become the norm from now on?

As I've said before, I'm not a fan of the Wii, for many and varied reasons that you'd only have to do a quick search of the site to discover. But it's brought a lot of new people into the industry, which is something to be applauded, and shown that there are alternative ways of controlling on-screen characters and objects than just waggling an analogue stick.

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elorm93628d ago

Nintendo used it first to appeal to the casual gamer. Sony used it for... idk, but it came in handy for games that utilized it. I'm guessing MS might be feeling left out and they might add it, no clue how they'll do it.

Sayai jin3628d ago

Not sure if they will. I just hope they all have rumble at launch.

Nathan Drake3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I don't see why not,but I doubt that motion sensing will be the 'it' thing next-gen.

We might witness Controllers with Touch interfaces.

Kushan3628d ago

...I sincerely bloody hope not

liltony8173628d ago

I agree motion sensing is the most overrated thing ever.

Cenobia3628d ago

I don't mind it in the sixaxis (it was great in Folklore), but anything beyond that will probably just be annoying. I don't particularly like the Wii controls as they are right now anyway.

If a few games want to use a specialized peripheral (without going peripheral crazy...Nintendo) I'm fine with that. I don't have to play those games.

thats_just_prime3628d ago

I agree if next gen means shake a stick at my tv I'll sit that gen out.

However this guy is a blogger and doesnt know anything. 2nd off Sony tried motion control with the sixasix controller and quickly drop it. They been say forever that MS will make one for the 360 and that rumor never come true either.

I could see MS goin more touch screen next gen tho.

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INehalemEXI3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I think they should have the option to go Classic or Motion. Give developers the option to develop either way and devs give the gamers the option to play either way when possible. Yet don't go out of your way and ruin tried and true franchises by trying to mold them into a motion sensor controlled game.

Deios3628d ago

If is motion sensor like in PS3, i will accept it, but if is like the Wii, I will not buy another console again.

WiiJunkii3628d ago

If it's mediocre and poorly implemented, they you'll buy it?

OK... All I'll say is that I love my PS3 a whole lot more since I bought a straight up dual shock for it... sixaxis is too flimsy and I've yet to see it used correctly.

Max Power3628d ago

uncharted, there are some well implemented moments in that.

BrotherNick3628d ago

Can you tell me more? What do you use it for?

Max Power3628d ago

you use the the controller for balance when crossing something like a log or a narrow ledge, and shaking off enemies once they grab you. those are the ones that i liked.

cryymoar3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

-flying and fighting on Lair [is badass]
-moving your body on LBP
-balancing on Uncharted
-shaking off fire and chimera on Resistance
-steering on Motorstorm
-opening doors on Killzone 2
-leaning and peeking on Socom

I'd say motion sensing has potential on hardcore games. It has appealed greatly to me on the PS3 so far, just saddens me that others think it is a gimmick and a failure on the PS3 yet have open arms for the Wii and its implementation. (I know, the SIXAXIS and the Wiimote use different techs for motion sensing).

Cenobia3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

The dual shocks all have the sixaxis motion tech in them... Sixaxis is the name of the launch controllers AND the tech used in each PS3 controller. I think he was saying he'd prefer a small amount of motion controls rather than consoles designed around that feature.

And sixaxis worked great in Folklore, but most people haven't played it apparently.

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