Translated: Killzone 2 MP Lobby, Visual Changes + Interview

A member of the Official US Playstation Forums has posted a translation of an interview from a foreign game site "". The post includes a lot of new info on the changes to the multiplayer system and graphics. Follow the link and check it out.

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TheColbertinator3330d ago

"- The helghan planet is (also) awesome from a creative standpoint. Talks about the wind physics. Throw a grenade and the wind can blow it back to you. It influence your walking/running speed as well. Depending on wich way the wind blows ofcourse. In short, wind affects combat."

That actually got my attention

Graphics Whore3330d ago

Helghan is an unhabitable planet, and the Helghan were just forced to adapt, pretty cool feature I'd say I wonder if it will be present in MP, it would make for some really interesting gameplay.

Jager3330d ago

*whistles* *Takes note, dont throw nades into the wind..*

Carbide73330d ago

"In killzone 2 other planets are involved/referenced to flesh out the story of your buddies. Says the killzone universe is big and diverse enough to make another trilogy so to speak. An option could be to take the battle to Earth"


C_SoL3330d ago

menu interface looks way better than the one in the beta. It looks a lot more user friendly.

interrergator3330d ago

i hope this game does everything

RowSand 843330d ago

I hope this game is hard and challenging

paskowitz3330d ago

Woot, first submitted story!

TheColbertinator3330d ago

Congratulations.It took me weeks to get a good hot story

divideby03330d ago

cant wait for this game....Now I will have a reason to stop playing Socom which is still so farked up..

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