MacLife Review: Sim City

MacLife writes:

"SimCity relocates to the iPhone, remodeling the storied city simulation into a small space. And it plays like a meaty, complete version; the iPhone game is based on SimCity 3000, closely resembling that deep edition. SimCity still needs some refinement and more explicit instructions, but the control naturally translates to the small touch-screen. The hallmark of the series also survives; you'll build up a town from empty fields to metropolis, watching the city grow as a living creature.
You're mayor, initially just zoning various residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. As standard for the series, instead of micromanaging every building, the citizens choose whether to add industries and homes based on the health of the town. You'll create government-led infrastructure, including roads, a water and power system, police stations, and even sports stadiums to make the area attractive. While there's a lot to do, such as setting tax rates and approving ordinances, the balance is manageable; we never got frustrated by having to control too many tasks. "

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