Exclusive Interview with UGO's Press Release.

Gamer Limit writes "We just got tricked, we thought we had a proper interview with Christian Winthrop, UGO Entertainment's Director of Communications… Instead when we contacted him he gave us an exclusive interview with the press release, basically all the answers with any depth are copied-pasted from the press release, hence we have now reworded the interview to be more suitable."

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NDN_Shadow3510d ago

"Christian Winthrop (CW): An all-star cast of 1UP editors will carry on the site’s tradition of engaging hardcore gamers with insightful commentary, comprehensive information and breaking news from the games industry."

Really? Especially when you fired the vast majority of the editors who HAVE insightful commentary and comprehensive information? Especially when the majority of what made 1UP great was the community, a community of which now hates UGO?