Getting Gamers to Game

Loot-Ninja presents an article questioning the status of self-declared non-gamers. Raising the question of how to bring the large casual gaming market the attention and the voice appropriate and representative of its demographic. The concept of a Bridge Gamer is developed.
"I declare shenanigans on this non-gamer status! You cannot avoid the designation of a gamer when you play games on your mobile or DS. You are playing video games, than you are a gamer. You may not be a hardcore gamer, but you are gamer. Admit it. Now welcome to our world. I declare thee Bridge Gamer."

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greyishfox3512d ago

Bridge Gamer is not the only term for it. Middle of the road gamers who don't just play casual games but don't spend hours online may be just Middle or Mid Gamers. Or just Gamers.

taz80803512d ago

Perhaps the newest class of gamers. I also call into the fray, the neurotic gamer, which is past Hardcore gamers.

greyishfox3512d ago

If Neurotic is the case then please seek help and a few new hobbies. Is fanboyism a class as well?

fan_of_gaming3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

This is my personal list of the Gaming Tiers:
1) Non-Gamers - people who don't play games
2) Casual Gamers - people who primarily play on the Wii or DS and are interested in games like Wii Fit, Wii Play, Wii Music, the Imagine series and other shovelware
3) Gamers - people who own a single console and play games regularly but only as a time waster or when they have friends over
4) Fanboys - people who only own 1 console, and religiously defend and buy games for it, and play for extended periods of time.
5) Hardcore gamers - people who own multiple consoles/handhelds, play multiple genres of games, play for extended periods of time and view gaming as a passion, not a time waster

MS2721673512d ago

@ fan_of_gaming
There need to be a couple sup-categories in there. I own the 3 main consoles, and older systems, but I don't play religiously. There are spurts here and there where I'll play many hours in a week but then sometimes I wont pick up a controller for a while, so there should be another category; one step under hardcore. As well, many system fanboys own more than one system because most fanboys, oddly enough, are hardcore gamers (I would say).