Killzone 2 features cave spiders but no Helgan attack dogs?

PSU Writes:

To this day, it is still unknown whether or not the Helgan attack dogs from Killzone: Liberation will make a comeback in Killzone 2. However, we can reveal that one organic players will be facing off against is the giant spider.

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resistance1003262d ago

Interesting, however your on the Helghast planet so who knows what to expect!

Fishy Fingers3262d ago

So right, especially seeing how little we actually know about the game/single player. Can't wait to see what GG have in store for us. Counting the days, and COD5 nor R2 are filling the gap for me anymore. Come on!!


This should not be a suprise.Its a SCI-FI Shooter.I dont want to be shooting only helgan people.I just hope they have BIG boss battles like resistance2.

kid from brooklyn3262d ago

Try Crash Commando from the PSN. Some of the best money I have spent on the PSN besides Wipeout and the Pixeljunk series. If you like unreal tournament and online you'll love CC.

anh_duong3262d ago

also expect to see don reisinger attacking you with a hd dvd addon in one of the latter stages of k2

Fishy Fingers3262d ago

kid from brooklyn

Cheers for the reply dude, and yeah I have CC, addictive as hell. Thing is, I'm an FPS die-hard and when I know KZ is just around the corner, it's difficult for anything else to compete :/

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shadowghost7523262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Giant Enemy Spider?
just a joke before the disagree button is slammed

Fishy Fingers3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Not sure what you mean bro, you can see the spider(s) in the screens and the post states video will be up shortly.

Edit: Oh, you've changed yor post.

@ J Pinter, any guess on what time video will be available?

Jpinter3262d ago

Soon. I had to convert the file and am trimming it down to just the footage of the spider. then I have to upload it. so bear with

itchy183262d ago

the images are from the 1up gamenight video show. just so you know.. here's the link:

facepalm3262d ago

Well at least we know that we have to "attack it's weak point for massive damage"... ^-^

Ha ha ha... ::sigh:: =|

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SeanScythe3262d ago

good to see more then just helgan being the only things to kill.

Fishy Fingers3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Well I know someone who had the fortune of playing the Preview code (some or all I'm not sure) and although he was very tight lipped about what to expect, he assured me that there is good level of variety (to the enemies).

Now I know the whole "my friend told me" usually means lies so believe what you will, but I'm not the blagging type.

Retro-Virus3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )


I remember you were saying that, this game might be patched right from the get go for the online co-op, any word on that ?.

Fishy Fingers3262d ago

That what I heard dude, I have dug and dug since but found no solid information or than it will be patched in. Personally I'm still hopeful that it maybe included at launch and they just not informing us yet.

I can live without it at launch, but how sweet would it be to experience the game first time through with 3 friends as excited as yourself!

kazuma3262d ago

it's not gonna happen at launch, yeah they said it but it was a long long time ago.
no one knows how that's holding up, even if it's gonna happen at all.
it's pretty clear it's not gonna happen, at least in day 0.

what IS confirmed to be patched soon after the release of the game is vehicles in multiplayer (fun fun fun) =)

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Hiruma Youchi3262d ago

Maybe the dogs arent on this planet. but the spiders are.

MGOelite3262d ago

reminds me of the giant purple spiders from resident evil 2 in the sewers

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