Best Left 4 Dead Mods and Maps, Wrote a article about the best Left 4 dead skins and maps.

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Keele3397d ago

Good game. Sucks for Suckstation 3 users though.

xlx-russ_923397d ago

wat a little xbot/xfag/troll b!tch

Magic_The_Celt3397d ago


I own a PS3 and i play Left 4 Dead all the time on my Xbox 360 :)

and if i didnt have a 360, hell i could just play the best version of the game on a PC couldnt i?

Hmm.. you dont really think before you dont really think, do you?

Sheddi3397d ago

if this game was on ps3 it would have mods too.

Sheddi3397d ago

U can disagree with me all u want but the fact UT3 has mods for PS3 doesnt change.

TheIneffableBob3397d ago

More maps will come when we have an SDK to work with.

S1CKLY3397d ago

Yea, but they'll still be just as bad. Map makers are too lazy to make decent maps for a game like l4d.

MagicAccent3397d ago

You haven't played many games made by Valve, have you?

S1CKLY3397d ago

I've played a ton of them.. and developed mods and maps for HL2, DoDS and CSS. I stick to what I said. Sure there may be a few very good mappers out there, but even they will get bored before they make a map of decent size for L4D.

hippo243397d ago

umm I seriously doubt VALVE is going to short change the left 4 dead community, considering they have never done it to its other franchises.

Valve is the epitome of game developers so if they were to go down the same tube as Activision and EA, then I have lost all hope for the gaming industry.

In closing I hope your a nice way

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Firstkn1ghT3397d ago

And this is why the whole argument about the PC version being better because of the "extras" is stupid. As you can see all these extras just plain suck. Maps are probably made by noobs. The 360 version is still the best version to get.

Vazz3396d ago

There's no SDK yet duh. HL2 has one of the biggest modding communities out there, I think it's pretty safe to say that there will be plenty of great L4D mods once the sdk is out. Just look at the Dawn of the Dead mod in the works.

And holy sh*t is Firstkn1ght a fanboy.