Big Download's top 10 stories of 2008

Big Download has only been officially online for a little more than eight months but they still managed to post up a number of major news stories for you guys to read back in 2008. With 2009 now firmly in place, they still wanted to go back to their charts to see what news stories got the most traffic during their first year. These are news stories only; not feature articles nor posts about their hosted downloads.

The top 10 list includes three World of Warcraft posts and two posts about the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. But the story that got the most traffic was when they reported that there would be no demo for EA's Need For Speed Undercover. Clearly the fact that there would be no demo for this racing game caught a lot of interest from their readers and emphasizes the fact that having a demo for a PC game is a good marketing idea. Not having one could hurt a game's chance for success.

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