Pocket Gamer: The 5 most anticipated PSP games of 2009

Pocket Gamer writes: "It would take someone far more optimistic than me to put much of a positive spin on the number of PSP games currently scheduled for release in 2009.

Despite various Sony bigwigs claiming the hardware's recent rise in sales – particularly in Japan – will bring with it an increase of support from third-party publishers, there doesn't seem to be much evidence of that happening just yet. Certainly, what we've seen of publishers' release schedules for next year looks decidedly PSP-light."

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40cal3635d ago

Resistance: Retribution, Final Fantasy XIII Agito, FF Dissida, the 3rd Birthday, and Undead Knights are my top 5 for 2009, if they all see a 2009 date that is.

The system dose need more original content though.

Darkseider3635d ago

Undead Knights! I couldn't remember the name of this game for the life of me. That's one of the ones I am looking forward to in 2009 as well as Patapon 2, FF:Dissidia and FF XIII Agito and Resistance Retribution. These should all be welcomed additions to anyones PSP library.

Leio3635d ago

GT 4 is on the top of my list, really hope its out 2009 :(

shoinan3635d ago

It's all about Patapon 2, but that's a pretty good top 5. Resistance Retribution looks like it could be awesome.

ZASKARK1233635d ago

can anyone introduce me Im a girl gamer and I love gaming....

DFresh3634d ago

Great choices but they are also missing Sony's other exclusive from Square Enix, FFXIII: Agito.