IGN: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Progress Report

It should be of no surprise that there are still videogames being created around the Lord of the Rings film franchise. With so many iconic characters, a theme song that anyone would recognize, and action that lends itself perfectly to the virtual medium, Lord of the Rings should be as easy a translation as any. Pandemic Studios is the latest developer to try their hand at bringing Aragorn and company to the smaller screen in Lord of the Rings: Conquest, a game that is extremely reminiscent of another licensed Pandemic creation: Star Wars: Battlefront.

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SprayandPreycom3657d ago

im waiting for boromir to have his own video game this game is gonna be fun though ..

ELite_Ghost3657d ago

if this game has split-screen im pre-ordering it1

Cheeky Gamer3654d ago

It does have splitscreen. I've pre-ordered it already - going to be such an awesome game.