Sony upbeat about PS3 in 2009 - Games and Home are winners


"The PS3 has had a mixed year. But at the end of 2008, the Sony console is still in a definite third place, being trounced by the Nintendo Wii and also roundly beaten by its direct competitor, the Microsoft Xbox 360. It's a good job then that Sony is retaining that ever-present optimism heading into 2009.

Games are clearly going to be key in 2009, at least as far as Sony's marketing efforts are concerned. However, I think the year needs to start with a substantial price cut in order for the games to actually have a big enough audience to sell to. 2009 could be Playstation 3's year, but then wasn't 2008 also touted as the same?"

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ultimolu3633d ago

Well...they can't sit around and mope, now can they?
I'm particular excited about next year. It begins another round of an empty purse.

Sony just needs to get their priorities straight.


God Of War 3 is coming out 2009.It dose not get any bigger than that.Or elese they suprise us and say getaway3 is back in production and is coming out 2009.Then i will be really hyped up.And dont forget killzone2.Sony has the best exlusive in 09 and thats a fact 360 fan boys should admit.I just hope sony markets there games propley next year so games like gow3,kz2,uncharted2(if it comes out nxt year)will not suffer sales wise like r2,motorstorm2 ....e.t.c suffered.But with that said im really looking foward to halo4(theres a rumor its coming out in 09)As much as i think killzone2 is the best looking and most fun FPS i have ever played i still want a halo4.

Genesis53633d ago

Well everyone said they needed a new business model, looks like one is on the way. They are trying to sell high end products in tough times. Then Yen vs the Dollar is really hurting them right now. I have no doubt they will sort it out and will have a strong 2009.

Beast_Master3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

That was the score of PS2 vs. Original Xbox.

I don't know why there is so much doom and gloom about the PS3. Looking at the score last gen tells me that there are at least 100 million people in the world that have not upgraded to a next gen console! People talk about the numbers but PS3 stands at 17 mill worldwide, projections are they will be at 20 million by March (Jack Trenton at E3). So in 2 years 4 months from launch they have sold 4 million less consoles than Xbox did in its entire life span!!! (Perspective is a beautiful thing)

I believe there are millions of people sitting on their hands still for the price to drop and the games library to be even larger (and let us not forget the millions out their waiting to upgrade to HDTV). Sony has too many studios, to much in development, to many loyal fans to 'lose' this generation. Now will they come in 3rd probably not because they will support the system even after MS, (and perhaps Nintendo) releases their next console.

If I have learned anything about this generation of console wars it is that this thing has longer legs than people anticipated. Sega quit the Dreamcast (10 Mill sold) fairly quickly after PS2 was released, same with other console real losers, like 3D0 and Atari, and Nintendo Gamecube (21.75 sold).

v1c1ous3633d ago

120 Million are NOT going to MAGICALLY turn to ps3.

many of those 120 million have decided to be 360 only, AND A VAST MAJORITY OF THOSE 120 MILLION WERE CASUALS, and you know where THOSE are going.

just b/c ps2 was in everyone's house does not mean everyone who had a ps2 is going to get a ps3. many of those people have opted for a wii, and that's whats going to happen.

the sooner you realize wii is going to be #1, the sooner you will be happy.

Beast_Master3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Yes but how many people own both consoles jacknut?
100 mill PS1 turned into 140+mill PS2s so if PS3 is around for 10 years, and gets cheaper and more people upgrade their TVs then what are you gonna say?

No causals are not all buying Wii's. Nintendo has expanded the casuals to girls, so that puts an extra couple million on the upgrade list.

Flipgeneral3633d ago

Is when the PS3 will really hit it's stride. I really do not have to elaborate on this point, the games that are coming out make it self-explanatory

Armyless3633d ago

It sucks the mass casual gaming crowd into it's rank and file and leaves the PS3 and 360 hardcores pretty much focused and non-diluted.

That's the nicest way I can think of putting it.

cmrbe3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Last gen there were about 160-170 million gamers. This gen is projected to grow to nearly 200 million.

The x360 is only now just about to reach 25 million which MS managed to get last gen. Remember that the xbox was discontinued before the launch of the x360 so the chances are most of the current x360 userbase are former xbox owners unlike the PS3 because the PS2 is still supported. As for the wii. I am pretty sure the bulk of the wii userbase are new gamers this gen as the wii is completely a different console this gen aiming at mostly a different market. I don't think granpas and soccer mums bought the PS2 last gen.

The PS3 is still $100 more that the original PS2 launch price without most of its exclsuives that made it famous in previous gen.PS2 owners will migrate when the price becomes affordable and the game collection includes the games they loved from previous gens.

Anon19743633d ago

Last I checked the PS3 still had a lead over the 360 in 2008. The 360 was behind by about a million consoles before the price cut and they haven't sold that many more in the last 3 months. How does this guy figure the PS3 is in 3rd place this year? And even last year there were dead even with the 360. Can these bloggers not count? Here's some quick sales figures for you before you go spouting off against how dismal the PS3 is selling. PS3 in it's first 2 years sells 17 million consoles. 360 in first 2 years sells 13 million consoles. Where were the bloggers last year complaining about slow 360 sales, our claiming examining why the 360 was a failure? I'll tell you where the hypocrites were, too busy bashing the PS3 for not being the PS2. Tools...

Beast_Master3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

They are ahead of 360s 2 year pace. So it looks like even if PS3 ends up 3rd this gen that it will be 40-50 million consoles sold, which doesn't seem like a game ender for Sony's game division going forward. Sega Genesis and N64 sold around 34 million and both companies where profitable at that point and where able to compete in future generations.

But seeing as they have a "10 Year" plan they will probably have more than that, by Summer 2010 at the latest.

SL1M DADDY3632d ago

How about this. Imagine if you will...

2009... The year of the gamer. Yeah, I said it. Console sales, smonsole sales, I care not. I just want good games and from the sounds of it, I will be getting them.

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Speed-Racer3633d ago

Once they get their goals on the right path, then will they succeed

WANNA GET HIGH3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

U must remember every winner must lose at some stage.No matter who u are.In history every great person that won things had lost something in life.Just because the ps1/2 sold over 100million that dose not mean the same will happen to the ps3.I have friends that had only ps2 back then but now they have a 360 and they dont plan of buying a ps3.

Beast_Master3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

That may be true that alot of people have made the 360 their console of choice. It may be true of Wii owners as well, considering most are under the age of 14 I would say so.

But my point is the market has shown to grow each generation. And if the original Xbox only sold 24 mill last gen and PS3 is going to hit 20 million by March, What is losing, i mean numbers wise? So if they hit 20 million by March before GoW3 and GT5 drop, then what? They will stop supporting the system by the end of the 2009, where we can forcast they will be at 30 mill by end of 09?

All you have to do is look at the PSP market it is in it's 4th year and sales are stronger than ever. I mean someone explain to me how PS3 sales will nose dive and Sony will immediatly have all development from Insomniac, London, Japan, all 20+ internal developers, not to mention all the 3rd parties stop develpoment before 2010?

I don't see that happening and if they do bow out 40 million PS3 users (which would be about how many there would be by end of 2010) will be a victory for revenue and also Blu Ray.

user94220773633d ago

Yep, they should get everything sorted during 2009, such as a eagerly anticipated price drop.

Ikram3633d ago

Still waiting for a price drop

joevfx3633d ago

cause you realise the cheapest 360 is actually more expensive then the most expensive ps3 right? you have done the math, right?

xbox 360 arcade = $199
wireless usb adopter = $99
60gb hard drive = $99
online play = $50 a year

total = $447 for first year plus $50 each aditional year to play online

Ps3 with built in wireless, unlimited online play, blu ray drive and 80gb harddive = $399

Ps3 WAY better deal.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3633d ago

It's worth EVERY Penny!!! ;-P
It's been a Excellent PS3 year this year and next year will be even better!!! ;-P
BRING ON 2009!!!;)

Blasphemy3633d ago

Good hopefully these cuts they are planning won't affect the Playstation division that much.

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