6.8 Far Cry 2 Review

The first game in the Far Cry series was revolutionary in a countless number of ways and for many reasons, which would explain why so many people are anticipating this 2nd proper entry into the series. Far Cry 2 is set in a completely new environment, a desert in Africa instead of a tropical island. The differences between the two don't end here though, the gameplay itself is partially different and the game relates to a completely different main character and overall story. The developers made sure they added a few new touches themselves as well. How everything adds up together is what you will read about next.

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El_Colombiano3630d ago

8.5 in my book, and that's all that counts to me.

Gambit073630d ago

I agree with this score, over hyped game, this game is the reason why open world FPS will never work quite right.

villevalorox3630d ago

i like the game i do. I give it an 8 or so.