Did 1UP Just Open Pandora's Box About Square's Lack Of PS3 Support?

FROM GAME GAZETTE: "As you may recall today, posted an article that had a snippet of an interview they did with Hiromichi Tanaka, producer of Square Enix's MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. Tanaka said that "Initially we were in talks with a representative from Sony [to achieve this], but it appears that that person quit." Basically, they wanted to port the game on a Blu-Ray, but since whoever they were talking to quit, someone didn't put up some effort into continuing talks about this issue, and thus, right at the moment, the port's progress has stalled. No word yet on why further talks with someone else couldn't happen (or if anyone would still be interested). However, there is something else that is to be had here. Something very interesting. That is that 1up could've opened the can of worms, or more appropriately, Pandora's Box, on more than FFXI, but with the entire issue of why SE says they wanted to go multiplatform but has yet to release a single PS3 game yet."

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Genesis53629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Well with SE sales down 74% I bet they wish they were a multi platform company. Having fun with 360 exclusives SE?

Fallen_Angel3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Your an complete idoit It has almost nothing to do with the 360 when most of their games on the wii, ds, psp and ps2

gaffyh3629d ago

Sony Rep that quit...OMG...damn you Phil Harrison lol.

On topic though, yeah Square, but more specifically Tri-Ace have been showing more support to 360 because it is cheaper to develop for. But any fool can tell that if they developed for PS3 they would have had more sales (seeing as it has sold a lot of consoles in Japan).

SpartanGR3629d ago

Make no mistake.ALL japanese developers are greedy. So greedy in fact that they're willing to switch sides to a western PIMP. Because that's what MS has become.

RememberThe3573629d ago

Dude I was just thinking the same thing.

Now that Sony has a new guy running the studios, Square doesn't want to talk? WTF?
Or maybe the new guy doesn't want to talk to Square? Who freaking knows...

Kleptic3629d ago

publishers stumble...thats all this is...there is no arguing that SE isn't the same as it was 2 years ago and before...why exactly is a lot of reasons...but mostly...they have made extremely mediocre crap, and pawned it off to a console that has sold well in western territories, yet obviously doesn't have many SE supporters within its installed the sales clearly show...

I am speaking in terms of western territories...where SE was very successful in over the last decade...

its less a 'no support for the PS3' issue right now...and more a 'what the hell are you guys making' issue...PS3 owners shouldn't be that upset about it right now, because everything the 360 got pretty much sucked anyway...

which brings in the bigger picture of the entire situation...chances are Sony was fed PR from SE about these upcoming games...and whether or not exclusivitivy deals should be worked out, or even if Sony would give them any support whatsoever towards the development...and Sony may have took one look at the games...and walked out...seriously...TLR is a looks like THQ or some other lower japanese publisher/development team crapped it out...its the Conflict: Denied Ops of jRPGs...

there are bigger problems with SE than them simply not supporting the they clearly are not really supporting everything they make is very below par compared to their prior work...thats all that concerns me...if all this is any indication to what may happne to FFXIII...SE may burn to the ground...FF games are usually exclusive, which was a good thing for it allowed them to focus entirely on the software itself, and not worrying about optimizing over several platforms...

that WILL hurt FFXIII...its hurt every exclusive game that went multiplat this gen so far...GTAIV was easily held back on it (ridiculously barren compared to past GTA games, with very undedeveloped 'dating' mechanics)...DMC4, etc...I will be very surprised if FFXIII is better than past FF games, and is equal on both may end up being better than past games, but if that is the case...I nearly guarantee one of the two consoles will get a major shaft in the process...

Edge Maverick3629d ago

I wouldn't buy it if it came to PS3. I want SO:4, FFXIII, KH2...not the mediocrity I've already put up with on my 360.

patterson3629d ago

Didn't anyone tell Square that when you try to please everyone, you please no one?

Since FFX Square games have been crap.
All they're doing now is trying to copy World of Warcraft game mechanics. Slash, slash, hack hack boring.

Characters suck
Their story's suck.
Music sucks.

This is what you need to do S-E.
Quit trying to figure out what the Western market wants and just create things that come from your heart and not from stats and reports.
The rest will fall in to place. Simple.

JD_Shadow3629d ago

I don't agree that FFXI sucks. It's alright. It needs some things it doesn't have right now (like an easier way to earn gil), but it's far from sucking.

But here's the thing: FFXI is basically the key, I think. They would have to tend to the version in updates and that, so they would have to continue to support it, and if you notice, every system that the game has been on, they had majorly supported with other games, mediocre or not (with the exception of the Wii and portable systems). The PC, PS2, and 360 have all been supported. So logic might dictate that if they would release FFXI for the PS3, then it would basically pave the damn way for other games by them for the PS3, and thus, this talk about them being two faced will stop and the world will be right again.

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Bon Scott3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

knows it.
The 360 is where the $$$$ at.
Why?,a little droid might ask.
It costs less to develop on MSs console,and it also sells more on MSs console,
Nuff said.


A very well thought out comeback(cough),
and 4 bubbles aint nuthin to be proud of jr.


No,you're wrong there pal,
that would be your Playstation N4G girlfriend Juuken.
I'm surprised you don't recognize that red garment you bought her
for her 15th birthday last year.

JD_Shadow3629d ago

...that is why you only have one bubble.

cmrbe3629d ago

Bon Scott only have one bubble because she used her real pic as her avatar.

ThatCanadianGuy3629d ago

*Sigh* The sad thing is 98.9% of 360 fanboys are exactly like Bon scott.It's pathetic..

I wish..i wish..i don't know..that some sort of virus inside every 360 would just kill off everyone of you.The Internet would be a much more friendly and productive place.

cmrbe3629d ago

would i know something like that?. Hey its your avatar. It is you.

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Dimitrius3629d ago

SE sell their soul to M$ loking for money and now they are rats in a boat thats going to the bottom of the sea. Squaresoft was a good company before they release a single game on PS2 but after that all they have are because of Sony. Shame on you SE, thats treason and now you are paying for what you have done.

Bathyj3629d ago

In other words, you reap what you sow.

Lombax3629d ago

The God Damn Pen is Blue!

ThatCanadianGuy3629d ago

Square is a joke this generation.Nothing but mediocre games on unreal engine.Square is dead to me.

There is no higher level..then Level-5.

Wizeguy213629d ago

I never thought about it like that! but you are correct! Hopefully they don't kill ff13!

RememberThe3573629d ago

FF13 is going to be the game that appeals to the wester market. After that, who knows...

SuperM3629d ago

Final Fantasy 13 is the final chance for square. If they mess up with that game, then they are in real trouble.

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ngg123453629d ago

The world ends with you. The other games are just sub par rehashes of FF franchise. FF Crisis Core, and FF12 are considered terrible iterations in the franchise.

cayal3629d ago

Final Fantasy XII rated highly and was a wonderful game.

ngg123453629d ago

Unless it is broken.. FF8 got tons of great scores too...

Da One3629d ago

12 was a joke................FFX and KH were the last Squaresoft rpg's that were good............

12 wasn't completely bad though, just not the FF we were spoiled with, :(

cayal3629d ago

I thought X was a joke to be honest.

Gitaroo3629d ago

thats what I thought but it turns out that The world end with you is not even made by Square.

Lombax3629d ago

That's what i said, almost. Seriously though, the only cool thing about FF10 was the level up grid.

ButterToast3629d ago

I think square shifted with FFX, everything felt so dumbed down from the previous games. I think square really just road the success of the PS1 era through the ps2 era and its finally catching up with them. seriously look at the PS2 releases compared to the PS1. a lot of them are mediocre at best.

Although i thought FFXII was much better than FFX character and story wise all very true to the world of Ivalice and the voice acting was so much better (with the exception of Vann). I wish they release the international zodiac edition here though as it fixed a lot of the problems with the license grid, or so i'm told.

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