GamersMark Review: Mirror's Edge

GamersMark: "You've got to hand it to EA: They've stepped things up in the original games department. Mirror's Edge is unlike any other title available today, and it could be the start of an entirely new style of game. Like most genre-establishing titles, it isn't without faults or missteps, but they pale in light of the grand scheme.

The stages in Mirror's Edge usually start on a rooftop and require you to travel half across the city with no equipment – you only have your agility and the world around you to work with. The gameplay is rooted in parkour – the art of movement. People who practice it use their agility to move from one place to another as efficiently as possible, usually using the environment in creative-yet-dangerous ways. It's a common feat in Edge to jump from the edge of one roof to a pipe on the wall of the adjacent building, or to run along the wall of a building over a gap 30-stories high."

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