Cloud Message: New Information Highly Unlikely

Final Fantasy XIII news has been slow recently and even though speculation about the famed 'Cloud Message' was initially centered around Final Fantasy VII, it hasn't taken long for fansites to attempt to capitalise on it by regurgitating news and claiming that this book will provide great things. The question is, should we actually care?

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TheColbertinator3397d ago

The problem is that its difficult now to take anything SE says seriously.A 100 page artbook is really unnecessary since the SE fans would rather be playing some real games or getting some footage of some trailers.You would think that SE would finally unload something after interesting 1 year...2 years...3 years...4 years... but all I see is delays and lack of info.

mephman3397d ago

Unfortunately, I don't think Square Enix can be blamed for this, as it's being produced by Dengeki Magazine (to the best of my knowledge).

TheColbertinator3396d ago

Its up to Square Enix what they want to show.They could blow everything on an issue on Gamepro right now and get the hype train rolling but this lack of info is just unbearable

xenogamer3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

nothing to do with ff7 on blu ray? and everyone went crazy and we all stayed up the whole night, while the square enix event went on in japan, then it broke that the announcement, that was going to swing the ball back in sonys court!!! a ff13 demo with FF AC blu ray... SE has made the best games ive played in my life (xenogears, ff7 8 9 10) but this gen, their a fvcking joke.

Keele3396d ago


Somnus3396d ago

An article to spite me and my site. Whatever shall I do ;(

mephman3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Quit complaining?