Game Gazette Review: Linger In Shadows

Darkpower of GameGazette writes: "When I saw the title "Linger In Shadows" on the Playstation Store for about three bucks with trophies included, I was intrigued to learn some more about it, since it looked interesting and sounded interesting. On impulse, I decided to get it, and ladies and gentlemen, I was very happy to have gotten it. Basically, if this is what the Polish demogroup Plastic is able to do with what some people are saying is only a small fraction of what the system is capable of, then we cannot wait until this group is able to use with the rest of the capabilities of the black box, because this was absolutely incredible."

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GIJeff3487d ago

i got this, perhaps i should play it...

JoySticksFTW3486d ago

The 6 minutes that the "game" lasts is good to look at, but not much more.

You've been warned

TheColbertinator3486d ago

I really wanted this game to be a full PS3 game

JD_Shadow3486d ago

Me too. That's why I said I hope that someone hires Plastic to make games sometime because I want to see more out of them. I liked all of how they did this and how crafty and cunning they were at the effects. That definitely won me over with it.

@JoySticksFTW: This was from a DEMOgroup. There is a reason they are called that. I did wish there WAS more, though, to the movie than that (there IS an Easter egg in the game, though).

JoySticksFTW3486d ago

but MANY people thought it was a game when it was first released and got burned

Very few people didn't quite understand what they were in for, and paid $3 for a 6 minute demo and some trophies

Now, 3 dollars isn't much, but consider the games you can buy for $5 dollars a few days ago on PSN