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Keele3252d ago

Only 100 dollers each.

Kami3251d ago

it no so bad for weeboofags.

Gue13252d ago

The sharingan is red not blue!

Xbox Street Gang3251d ago

That's just a Google image....

And why is this news..?

krouse933251d ago

I imagine that would umm hurt your eyes while constantly being in your feild of view adn it would also mess up your ability to focous? in my opinion

elorm93251d ago

Is this a new power of his or something?

ThanatosDMC3251d ago

I want an all white contact lenses if that's possible... it'll totally mess with people!

Lelouch V Brit3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Lame, Who Approved This Article?.

gumgum993251d ago


extended use of the shiringan eyes will cause blindness.

Timesplitter143251d ago

wait a second... why do you people know about that Naruto stuff? You're getting me worried

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Rai3251d ago

I've never seen a blue sharingan..but then again the manga is in black and white so maybe there is, but i doubt it.

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The story is too old to be commented.