Eight Days Looked Insanely Good, So Why Was It Cancelled?

SCRAWL: "Eight Days is cancelled. We know that. However, before it's cancellation, we've barley seen any footage on the game, leaving a lot of us wondering what it would have been like. Jim Jagger, 3D animator for the game, has released a demo reel containing footage of Eight Days, and boy did it look good."

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jaffa_cake3681d ago

dam u sony
eye toy over this
ps3 is not a nintendo wii its a console for real gamers.

CEO OF N4G3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I hope they start work on 8days and getaway3 again as soon as that crapy eye pet sh1t is finshed.I was so pissed of that they cancelled those 2games because of eye pet.

The Matrix3681d ago

Yeah why did they cancel the game? I wasn't a week game. It was 8 days.

Milky Joe3681d ago

SCEE? Are you actually trying to destroy the PS3? You came to the conclusion that a game that allowed children to spaz about with a fluffy rat and draw little cars for it to play with was a better investment of time and money than a game that looks, let's be honest here Ladies and Gentlemen, F*CKING AMAZING? Seriously, the casual games can come when the PS3 is 5 years old and people are revving up for the PS4, right now we need the quality games that gamers (you know, the people who actually buy the PS3) will enjoy. Things like Eyepet will be completely doomed if they are released while the PS3 is still at the price it is.

You know what, SCEE? Your turn is over now, it's my turn to run the company, watch me make sensible decisions and maybe you can follow suit when i's your turn again...

Mainman3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I was really looking forward to 8 days. It really sucks it got canceled. I hope they will realise that they made a mistake and start development of 8 days again.

Sam Fisher3681d ago

music was cool.. anyone knows the name of song?

Milky Joe3681d ago

'Express Yourself' maybe...? All I know was that it was on GTA San Andreas...

Bodhi3681d ago

"Express Yourself" from N.W.A.

Good song, good times. :)

hay3681d ago

Wait, what? Those animations are incredible!

Elimin83681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

WHY?????? Me still thinks they're working on it secretly.. They just can't come that far show us all that good stuff then cancel. Nuh uh no way Jose'.

The Matrix3681d ago

Somebody copied a lot of splinter cell moves. :s

Doppy3680d ago

It looks like Uncharted meets MGS. This game looked pretty good, and it shouldn't have been canceled. Hopefully it will get picked up again and come out 2010.

Bodhi3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )


Jim Jagger animated the Splinter Cell series, and it really shows.

Jim Jagger really is the God of animations, I just played Splinter Cell and it reminded me how amazing the animations really were. So organic.

Now I want Splinter Cell Convictions...

jwatt3680d ago

E3 2009: Sony announces Eight days is back in production and is schedule for a holiday release, that would be nice! Seriously Sony needs to bring this game back it looks fresh and out of all the games coming out next year Eight days would be my most anticipated title behind GOW and Killzone.

BobDog3680d ago


hopefully they game isnt outdated WHEN they restart work lol

drdistracto7073680d ago


you get a bubble now

King_many_layers3680d ago

I must admit I'm strangely not all that bothered by the fact it was cancelled.

all you guys saying how eye pet is so bad and stuff, it just looks that way to us as we miss out on what looked like a really smooth slick game. To sony Eye pet is doing what the PS2 did. it's capturing the Casual gamer and they need to because those people care not for Eight days and Killzone, they want things that are cheap and fun.

That's not why I'm not bothered though, I find myself not bothered because I know that when they come back to this game or any game like it, they will have hugely better knowledge of the system. So I'd be expecting this game to look as good as uncharted, with even better animations and wider environments. I have no problems waiting, though if sony was to announce at Gamers Day that they're picking the title back up and they're making it a forfront game, I'd have no problems with that.

GameDev3680d ago

more fanboy obfuscation, these games WERE NOT CANCELLED!!!!!

They were SHELVED so Sony could dedicated more developers to finishing Killzone 2. Stupid fanboys never look into the facts.

pixelsword3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

...Jim Jagger says so himself on his website under his explanation of his work on Eight Days.

I don't know for certain myself if it was canceled permanently (as I have no insider info on that game), but if it wasn't, I can see why...

- They needed to finish Killzone 2 because most likely Killzone 2's engine will be powering games like Eight Days.

- I say that because if you look at 1:10-1:17 on the Eight Days clip for this article, the movement of the body looks a lot like the dynamic cover that was used in this Killzone 2 demonstration.

(starts at 2:55)

Kaneda3680d ago

It looks great.. but its repetitive. You will loose interest pretty quickly.

acedoh3680d ago

that has been cancelled get so much attention. I do hope SONY listens to their fanbase and realizes how much people people really want this game. The concept and gameplay seem top notch and a game like this could be a sure seller if it's done right. I don't think SONY junked this game. I just believe they moved it down the priority list.

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DreamcastFanboy3681d ago

Damn that looked good but i thought it was put on hold not cancelled?

Kouzmich3681d ago

I think so too , that this was put on hold not canceled , they just needed more people to finish HOME. I hope when HOME is done and that EYE PET is out they will return to this and GETAWAY. Because they will need more games like these after KILLZONE2 is done.

ultimolu3681d ago

It wasn't canceled. It was on hold to allocate resources. Don't know where people get canceled from. :/

MiloGarret3680d ago

Yeas were did they all get that from?

Umm, here?:

"Eight Days was a coop based third person shooter that was set to be released in the summer of 2009. Unfortunately Sony cancelled the game in the summer of 2008."

thor3681d ago

Looked VERY early in development to me. They were still toying around with the basic mechanics of the game. It looks like it had potential; but then it would have been a couple of years off at the earliest. It's obvious they only just started development and that trailer from years ago was pre-rendered by some other studio.

I'm sad that it was cancelled, but it was too early in development to tell whether it would be a great game - and we wouldn't have seen it for a while anyway.

yog-sothot3680d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Let's try not to get excited too soon by a target video. Hopefully the game will be released someday and will be awesome, that's all I can say. In the meantime, there are plenty of other great games to play.

Kush_Reaper3681d ago

Really sadens me when i think about eight days and the getaway getting the chop in order for other eyetoy games to get more development time. Hopefully these two games will return to production sooner rather than never.


thor3681d ago

SCE London Studios have dropped the ball this gen.

Singstar PS3 - Delayed, no bluetooth mics, singstore took a while to get going.
Eight Days - Cancelled
The Getaway - Cancelled
Home - Delayed, missing features, still not in open beta

EyePet - Now this one's too early to call. But look at their PS3 track record so far...

Kush_Reaper3681d ago

They havent been the most efficient this gen. But i guess im just a hardcore dude and would rather prefer those too games than eyetoy games. Guess its just my opinion, but it is still good to get different games for the more casual gamers also. More innovative titles are welcome.


na2ru13680d ago

Just like any other movie/game trailers.

But how does an awesome trailer relate to how good the actual game might be?

My guess is, after a brainstorm session and research, Sony figured that this may not fit in or set itself apart with the already demanding market. This game theme/story may not have had the formular to shine, so therfore, Sony may have thought of it as economically not worthwhile.

Getaway however. was looking forward too.

Johnny Cullen3681d ago

I really wan't this game back Sony =(

Milky Joe3681d ago

Hi JC! How'ss life knowing you betrayed PS going? XD :P :)

Milky Joe3680d ago

That's PS the clan btw, before people get the wrong idea.

pixelsword3680d ago

...What happened to make him betray that clan?

Milky Joe3680d ago

He abandoned us. In our hour of need, we were there calling him to help but he just walked away...

Basically, he left recently and I was giving him a prod about it. :D

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