Square-Go: Transformers Animated: The Game review


"On completion of a number of the levels you will unlock animated video clips which tell the Transformers story, a feature young gameplayers will love. Another feature which will be particularly helpful to young gamers is that although there are a lot of written instructions to follow, just pump up the volume and the characters will read out the instructions for you.

A fourth Autobot named Prowl is introduced in the driving levels, where you speed through Detroit streets, darting in and out to avoid other vehicles. You have to take the part of bad guy Megatron a couple of times. Be warned, after your first battle with him he escapes when you beat him – if you beat him of course. The game on the whole, although action packed at times, is is a little lacklustre and repetitive. It is certified as 7 years+ but as the game is linked to the cartoon series, I would be inclined to think it would be attractive to the younger end of the market."

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