65nm CELL processor production started

"Sony Computer Entertainment has started production on the previously announced 65nm CELL processor. All PlayStation 3 units so far have a 90nm processor inside, but this will change soon. As it seems Sony has started the massproduction of the 65nm processor, and this will have a few advantages.

First of all, this will mean a price cut for Sony on every PlayStation 3 sold. This is because the 65nm CELL processor is cheaper than the 90nm processor.

And second, this means a heatreduction for the PlayStation 3."

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NoUseMerc4310d ago

I was going to report this on New4gamers but you beat me too Great news.

big_tim4310d ago

I just posted his story for him. It is still good news.

zonetrooper54310d ago

Well this is good news for Sony and i hope that they can get a price cut by the end of the year or maybe the start of next year. I just can't wait to play Motorstorm, MGS4 and Killzone 2 on the PS3.

R34GTR4310d ago

Sony can only afford steps forward at this point. So this is good.

BrotherSic4310d ago

"Don't expect a price drop though, because Sony will still lose a lot of money with this 'new' processor."

also i would like to see an official announcement, unfortunatly does not give a source for this information.

whengeeksgobad4310d ago

May be a little too soon to claim this is going in the ps3 immediately. I'm sure they still have a healthy amount of 90nm chips not only already made but being made as we speak. It would cost a LOT of money to start just dropping these in the latest production runs. My guess is we see this chip in the v.2 (whenever that may be).

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The story is too old to be commented.