Capcom setting shop on PSN

For those wondering what new items you'll see on the PlayStation Network, you'll be treated to everything that is Capcom. All of Capcom's digital downloads, demo's, themes etc. will be located within the "capcom Department". Not only will this be a huge bonus to PSN fans, but expect future exclusives brought to you courtesy of Capcom.

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Tubby McNutsack3685d ago

Did they do this on Xbox Live? Nope. 'Cause they aren't limited on PSN. :)

Noctis Lucis Caelum3685d ago

This is great. We might get some exclusive on psn store.

Radiodread3684d ago

Hopefully Capcom will start warming up to sony again. OMG imagine an Onimusha title exclusively for ps3. Thats the way it should be anyway. Onimusha kicks every single ninja games' ass out there.