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Quake Wars dev: PS3 is a "challenge"

Splash Damage founder and Creative Director Paul Wedgwood has dropped a few interesting remarks on the competing claims of console and PC development.

Wedgwood drummed out the much-repeated line about the PlayStation 3 being tougher to develop for. "Coming from the background of a PC game developer, obviously the Xbox 360 is easier," he said. "If anything, the 360 is even easier than the PC because we don't have to optimize the hardware parts for Intel, AMD, ATI and Nvidia."

"We just have this one platform and if it runs well, it runs well the next time you boot it, irrespective of which 360 you're running it on. PS3, it's more of a challenge." (Dev, Industry, PC, PS3, Quake Wars, Xbox 360)

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Spike47  +   2484d ago
xbox360 is easier to develop
for, but use the PS3 right and you can do some pretty amazing things.
Sony Rep  +   2484d ago
Isn't this what..usually happens when you have a completely new architecture to work with? Microprocessors and coprocessors are still relatively new. Devs aren't going to be able to optimize the PS3 when they are 1. working to make each version of a game identical, and 2. optimizing these games for the 360 and porting them to the PS3.

But, name a single multiplatform game that trumps MGS4, GT5, Uncharted, and KZ2...

Seems to me, that the best the 360 can do is rooted in these multiplatform games, and..Gears...whereas the PS3 exclusives aforementioned..trump all of those games by a wide margain.

Makes sense to me...
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pavarotti  +   2484d ago
quake wars
was pure rubbish.

sony rep. no multi-plats look as good as mgs4, gt and kz2 because no 3rd party dev has 4 years dev time for any game, unless the publisher has deep pockets and wants them to take their time and make something as good as possible. don't forget, all those games are running on super game engines.

although your little dig at the 360 was pure fanboy. it does show the difference between owning lots of studios and not owning lots of studios. if you want super looking games on your platform, you have to make them yourself, you cant rely on 3rd parties to do them for you. unless you throw fortunes a them, and publish them.
Sony Rep  +   2484d ago
Umm..GT5P, Uncharted, and MGS4 took roughly 2-3 years to complete.

The average development time span for any game...

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ultimolu  +   2483d ago

The PS2 was hard as crap to develop for too. It takes time and patience to learn the components.
SL1M DADDY  +   2483d ago
Somebody needs to tell the developer...
That is was a challenge to even play their game. The game was crap no matter what system you played it on. Sorry, but if you're going to talk about a console being difficult to program for, first make a credible game then talk shop.
Danja  +   2483d ago
Motorstorm 2

all done in one year..
Bladestar  +   2483d ago
"The PS2 was hard as crap to develop for too. It takes time and patience to learn the components." I agree 100% on this statement... but don't forget one very important difference between PS3 and the PS2... PS2 had a huge lead over the original xbox and the GameCube... not focusing and doing wherever it takes to make a game for the PS2 was not a luxury any game developer could simply affort... That my friend it's not the case this time around... Developer can simply ignore the PS3 and make games for the PC and the xbox 360.. or simply ask another developer to port it for them like Valve does...
As a software developer I can tell you... programmer do not like when a platform is change every few years and we have to re-learn everything from scratch... remember Sony promissed the same with emotion chip and people thought that it will simply evolve.. but guess what? it was replaced by the cell.. and now developer have to start from the begining to learn it... and Sony will probably do the same for the next PS4... Sony is not a software company.. and because of that their focus is not the developer but the hardware... They do not care how difficult or effective the platform is to the developer as long as it optimized for what Sony cares... like the cell being optimized for blu-ray and multimedia capabilities...

Bottom line... don't think developer will put as much effort into the PS3 as they did now that does not have the following advances:
* Ease of development.
* Lower development cost.
* Mass market price.
* Larger install base.

it will simply not happen..
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Kratos Spartan  +   2483d ago
umm, inane, go have a look for yourself
Xbox chronicler Dean Takahashi has written a piece for online blog VentureBeat detailing the Xbox 360's red rings of death saga. As he explains it, the system's high failure rate boils down to numerous factors, including the console design, poor testing in its early stages, memory issues, bad soldering, and more. Before launch, 68 out of 100 systems were coming off the assembly line non-functional, and the continual post-release additions to the system didn't help things after launch. Microsoft even stopped production cold in the first half of 2007 in an attempt to deal with the problems.
Meanwhile, Robert Deleware, a Microsoft games tester who Takahashi spoke to on the record for the article, was recently fired by the company for what it deemed a breach of his confidentiality agreement.
DevastationEve  +   2483d ago
at above comments about ps3 dev cycle
Did you guys ever think that maybe Sony's 10 year lifespan correlates to the time it takes for devs to finally start making good use of the hardware?

That is the most logical conslusion, since PlayStation always hits its stride late in the game. 1998-2000 were the best years in PSx's life, despite DreamCast's huge success in 1999-2000. 2003-2005 were the best years in PS2's life and it easily pulled past x360 for the first year or so of the next gen.

the formula is as follows:

first 2 years creates the majority of the install base. the beginnings of major franchises start, sales is driven highly by exclusives during this time (in that order)

next 3 years we see the 2nd installments of any major series that started that gen. muliplatform games continue to fuel monthly sales. becomes the peak of developer game cycle/game release ratio. smaller developers gain interest in console's future. major exclusives from the 1st 2 years see their next installments.

next 2 years final appearances of any major titles start to appear (usually 3rd installments). sales is driven mostly by multiplatform titles.

final 3 years the console from the next gen starts to approach, equal, and then surpass its previous console's consumer interest (in that order).

Microsoft's model is to just focus on that first half of the equation. They aren't too interested in keeping a machine on the market longer than 5-6 years. Also, they aren't phazed at all by cutting off a machine in order to propel the success of the next one. Of course, that wasn't ENTIRELY the case with Xbox. Their relationship with nVidia is what pushed them cut off Xbox, as they made it hard to pull it under $150 to compete with PS2. I doubt that Xbox 360 will have a similar fate, but I AM certain that they won't push it past 6 years.

edit: pardon me for the many edits. i just wanted it to make the most sense
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JBaby343  +   2483d ago
@ inane
Here is your link. I know 7 people with 360's. As of September (when the most recent one went) 5 of those 7 have had their 360s die on them and 2 of those 5 have been more than once. That's my own experience with the situation.

That means 7 out of 9 xbox 360s have failed that I PERSONALLY know of. That equates to a 78% failure rate. These aren't numbers from nowhere these are real figures. You want to call my friends and check? I'll give you their numbers. RROD is unfortunate and real.

On the article PS3 is very difficult to develop for but the rewards are massive. KZ2 proves it all.
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ultimolu  +   2483d ago
"but don't forget one very important difference between PS3 and the PS2... PS2 had a huge lead over the original xbox and the GameCube... not focusing and doing wherever it takes to make a game for the PS2 was not a luxury any game developer could simply affort... That my friend it's not the case this time around... Developer can simply ignore the PS3 and make games for the PC and the xbox 360.. or simply ask another developer to port it for them like Valve does..."

I disagree with that. A developer cannot ignore the other system if they're in the process of making money. If that was the case, then FFXIII would have been PS3 exclusive.

I believe developers have to keep both systems in mind when developing games. That's how they make money.

A developer could ask Sony for help if they're having problems with the hardware.

If that's the case with deeloping, then I suppose 1st party developers will have to show 3rd party how it's done.
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Oner  +   2483d ago
Inane please read this lengthy article @ VB for the SOURCE ~

Pay close attention to the 2nd page ~

I quote

"The defect rate for the machines was an abysmal 68 percent at that point, according to several sources. That meant for every 100 machines that Microsoft’s contract manufacturers, Flextronics and Wistron, made at their factories in China, 68 didn’t work."

I have a 360 and do like it for a VERY few things but after 2 RROD's myself and NUMEROUS friends as well along with 1 person having 10+ broken 360's ALL DOCUMENTED AND VERIFIED I cannot justify spending any money in support of M$.
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inane   2483d ago | Spam
Oner  +   2483d ago
Thanx Man, good to see people who want verifiable stuff. But there are so many who just won't beleive it no matter what proof you provide...not very mature (just watch the disagrees I get).

In addition I also have this article from a little over a year ago which states "MS admits all 360's are prone to failure and are defective"


Personally even with the updated motherboards in the newer 360's they still fail so in essence ALL 360's still have the ability to fail. That is my own view but it is a sound one. Plus I find it funny how no one questions how many of those RROD 360's just couldn't be fixed which "pads" M$'s numbers...basically there is no way there are as many working 360's as M$ touts.
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JBaby343  +   2483d ago
@ arg
Until MS actually mans-up and releases the failure rates and/or number of consoles it's all anecdotal. It's all just people saying their consoles broke. If enough people are saying it that must tell you something even if the actual figures are kept out of public sight. You don't have to believe my story but that doesn't make it untrue and while yes it's not a large enough sample size to carry statistical weight it's no less interesting and certainly tells me something and I'm sure a lot of others. Stop being such an MS fanboy and just accept that something is going on. If you want ACTUAL figures from SOURCES, write MS and tell them to release the official figures. Sony discloses their failures rates. Why doesn't MS? Yeah that's what I thought. It's all anecdotal at this point. I'm sure you won't believe oner's story of 2 RRODs because it's just anecdotal but I believe him on it. Too many people have anecdotal evidence about this for it to be ignored. Maybe you're right though... It Never Happened.

Pop your midol and chill with the attitude dude.
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Oner  +   2483d ago
Good points Jbaby. I myself also say if RROD is not that big then why do companies sell Xclamp fixes, or why there are tutorials on the towel fix or why there are hundreds of threads everywhere on suggestions on how to fix it? Let alone the vast amount of RROD videos on just Youtube alone...I mean WTH!?! How much more proof do you need when there are thousands upon thousands of videos everywhere? Additionally what about that gaming review site (forgot the specific site) having 9 RROD's or more so far!
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JBaby343  +   2483d ago
Thanks Oner
I can't stand it when some fanboy wants some kind of figures knowing there are none just so they can deny something. Love playing your 360 there are some great times to be had but obviously something's amiss with the hardware. I admit the PS2 had problems even if it never happened to me so I don't see what's so hard about admitting these things break.

Bubbles up for intelligent conversation.
DavidMacDougall  +   2484d ago
Quake Wars LOL
It was only a challange because they wanted to rush both versions for quick money
Liquid Dust  +   2484d ago
Haha yea definitely
Its not like 360 benefited very much from being easier to develop for. 360 version had worse visuals imo and it was lacking some key gameplay aspects.

PS3/360 Comparison video, only 2 min long

The game was not that great at all anyways. Extremely rushed both versions
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Fishy Fingers  +   2484d ago
Enjoying your game was a "challenge". Regarding development, durrrr.... devs have been complaining about this since day one. Although most have wised up to the PS3 now (multiplatform games relfect that). Splash Damage are obviously going to face issues when porting a PC game. A terrible PC game.
Darkseider  +   2484d ago
@Fishy Fingers
LOL!! ROFL!! oooh god that was funny.

"Enjoying your game was a "challenge"

bubble for you for making me laugh.
Lucreto  +   2483d ago
It seems to only be a problem to PC developers. It shows how rigid PC development is that something new comes along and its a problem.

They should be saying "The PS3 provided a new challenge and broadened my experience into new ways for developing."
dirigiblebill  +   2484d ago
Quake Wars was solid enough. Respond to the interview itself (on Edge-Online) not the headline, chaps.
Harry190  +   2483d ago
This guy is one
of the reasons I dislike PC fanboys. Lack of deep games?

COD4 the console version of Counter Strike?
Halo 3 the Quake 3 of consoles?

''Wedgwood thinks console gamers are still crying out for the depth that only PC games can provide.''

Dude, perhaps when you start making quality games instead of ports, maybe then you can make such claims. Obviously, there is much more than RTS games that are deep and challenging. Did the guy ever try any of the Matsuno games? Did he ever play FF Tactics? FF12? Vagrant Story? Xenogears? Tactics Ogre? Obviously, this is a very westernized view of the videogaming world. If you have not played the games, don't bother to complain.

Resource management is deep eh? Well, that's very rich....very very rich.
rawd  +   2483d ago
I love the subtly of Jpinter changing the comment from "it's more of a challenge" to the title "PS3 is a challenge". It completely takes a different meaning. I done read good and stuff guise
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Foxgod  +   2483d ago
Why dont they ever get straight to the point, and say that it SUX.
simply because it isnt flexible, and coding on it isnt very scale-able.

A real computer is flexible and easy to operate, otherwise we would all use Linux
joevfx  +   2483d ago
your dumb
first off, i bet all these companies use Linux to make there games, x box or ps3. Second comanies that coem out and complain like this are just lazy. in todays world where gmaes cost alot to make and they need to seel millions to make a profit they try to spend hte least amount of money they can to make a game. that means going the easy route and not spedning any money on R&D of a new technology. Thats inhibits creativity, not beign able to explore new things. all tehy care about is a cookie cutter formula to get there game out and rip you off. im sorry i have no respect for these companies.
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
I worked for three software developers, developers develop on Windows, why you ask ? because they program in C++, thats a windows product.

Second, if you worked with programmers (developers, as programmers and developers are not the same thing), you would know it has nothing to do with lazyness, but with experience.

the PS3 has a big learning curve, and a big learning curve is a BAD thing, its not a plus like you fanboys try to make it seem like.
Common Sense  +   2483d ago
C++ isn't a windows product
Visual C++ is.
There are many C++ compilers. Visual C++ is just one of them, there is a borland compiler, a gnu version and an Intel version. Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++. Bjarne developed it 1979 and it renamed in 1983. Windows didn't come out till 1985.

A big learning isn't always a bad thing. It means the products will only keep getting better as people know more about the architecture, it also means the console won't peak in its first year-giving the console longetivity. Look at R1, R&C and R2. The progression is obvious. Look at GTAIII, Vice city and San Andreas. The progression is obvious. Look at God of War 2 and Shadow of the Colossus. Would you think does games were possible in the early years of the PS2.

Look at Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, inFamous and GT5. Those are the best looking games (or will be) in there respective genre.


I don't care about Left4Dead and I'm sure many Ps3 fans don't. You can call me a fanboy but it's the truth and wtf is velvet assassin?
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Snukadaman_  +   2483d ago
And that big learning curve means more time which means more money.....
And as the way games sell on ps3 being lousy....Ps3 fans can close their eyes but because of the problems with their console they are not getting left 4 dead...velvet asassin....and the list goes on.
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
Yeah i meant Visual C and C# and VB.
my bad.

But s till, none of the company's i worked for even got near developing on linux, he made a jack statement about it.
Darkseider  +   2483d ago
LOL! OMG!! ROFLMAO! You said C++ is a Windows product!? LOL! You smacktard. First off all developers don't develop on Windows. Second most developers use the tools that they need to get the job done. Linux and Windows are just operating systems. Compiling source using GCC can be done just as easily on Linux as on Windows. It's all a preference. Hell I prefer using Eclipse on Linux rather than Windows simply because it is faster AND I have more of my system resources dedicated to it while using it. Where on Windows I have to dedicate a modest portion of my systems' resources to anti-virus and anti-malware programs that run in the background.

So please before you say Linux is hard, read a book or better yet use it. You can boot right off of a Live CD and try it out. As for the PS3 being harder to develop for, granted it requires more elegant coding due to the Cell and how the Cell uses its' SPEs and manages memory but that is a minor issue when seeing what the architecture is capable of. Particularly when dealing with graphics and single precision floating point math.
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
Where did i say i find linux hard you dimwit ?
I said like the ps3, it has a bigger learning curve, thats why most developers use the windows OS and visual C

because a lot more devs are common with it, and with devs i mean people who are being payed for it, just like console game devs, not homeboys.
Darkseider  +   2483d ago
"A real computer is flexible and easy to operate, otherwise we would all use Linux"

To me this implies hard otherwise you would not have used it as an example. As for people being paid for it? Most of AT&T Labs develops in a Linux/Unix environment. IBM develops heavily using Linux. Lucas Arts and ILM uses Linux for most of their work as well. I can go if you would like but I am sure you are far more versed than myself seeing how you know that C++ is a Windows product and all. As for devs being paid for their work, ever see the work Redhat, Novell and Ubuntu devs do for the Linux kernel and other projects? They are paid well and man their work is excellent. So now go back to your closet and try to come up with a more witty retort. Next time though skip the bowl of failios before you spew.
ravinshield  +   2483d ago
we all know the pshitty is hard to develop for
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
I know what people mean if they say challenging.....
ZmokeR  +   2483d ago
Quake Wars Sucked MADJOR Balls....

And right now IMO every game on ps3 looks like crap! EXCEPT Uncharted, kz2, and gt5 and metal gear.

Like an example, every one is saying that Motorstorm 2 is looking awesome? What is awesome with that game? IMO it looks like SHI*!
Just Wait until Motorstorm 3 is coming with kz2 gfx engine, THEN we can talk Cgi Trailer quality.

I belive that after kz2 is released and they are giving away that engine for devs to work with, the games for ps3 will change drastic.

No more UT engine i belive,(imo its already old) THO GoW 2 looks awesome ( i have 360 to ). For a start every FPS game will have the Kz2 engine on ps3 i belive, then when they have learned to use that in the right way it wont take long before we see racing games, stratedgy games , horror games, all in that engine.

Think about it..
SIlent hill 6 in Kz2 gfx? Imagine how the monsters will look then AND the sound?.. OMG 7.1 any one?

Or we can take Motorstorm 3 that i took up before. Cgi Gfx any one?

And i wont eaven start to galk about God Of War that they already said will look like the trailer we saw before. ( i belive kz2 engine is used in that game 2, can be wrong tho)

So what i always think when i see a game on the shelfs for ps3, is that it look "ok" at best. But i KNOW that after februari when Kz2 is released it will all change.. trust me ,, tho that is just IMO.

Then we should not forget of all the other games that is coming next year. I dont have to say them, caouse all the ps3 owners already know.
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Foxgod  +   2483d ago
LOL you think they will give their engine away.
Their HQ is 20 minutes traveling from my house, i am gonna knock on their door, ask if they give me some free money too.

Get real, no production company will give software technology away for free, you may as well perform financial suicide and give the game away for free.
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
And one more thing, other software developers are actually Competition to the Killzone devs, odds are they wont even sell the engine to their competition.
Fishy Fingers  +   2483d ago
Epic do to home users. Loads of developers share tech with the community to help build mods (SDKs or whatever) etc. Surely that's software tecnology. Valve, Crytek...

Well, you have to buy their games to get it so not technically free, but..

Sorry, just realised your talking on a console basis. Yeah, no freebies there.
#9.3 (Edited 2483d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
No, level editors and such are not software technology, there are software tools.
And they provide those for free because you can only use them with game, which you have to buy, so it aint free.
Strawberry  +   2483d ago
ok if its a challenge
then why dont you learn how to beat the challenge
Snukadaman_  +   2483d ago
That takes time and money....
If you owned a buisness..what would you do...make the game on the easier console and get the game out sooner and maybe make a profit with more consoles out there then making games on the harder console....or take your time...make a game that you can only use on one console and cross your fingers and hope the ps3 owners open their eyes and purchase your game....tough decision huh.
Common Sense  +   2483d ago
Your type of thinking is what caused this economic recession
When I bought my PS3, the only good games were Uncharted, Warhawk, R&C, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Sigma and RFOM. Now there are many more games such as Valyria Chronicles,R2, MGS4, Motorstorm 2, and Little Big Planet. I invested because I had foresight. I knew that the Ps3 did not have the most amount of good games in 2007 but I knew that it have more good games released in 2008,2009, 2010 and so on. That my friend is called foresight.

EA and Activision are investing more money into PS3 development because they have foresight. Businesses that don't have foresight or invest in R&D will go the way of the do-do bird. Muilti-core processors are the future. Intel's larrabee in going to have about 32 cores and people are complaining about the Ps3's 8 active cores. If company's invest in PS3 development now, it will pay off because it be much easier for them to compete when 32 core processors are the norm which is coming sooner than expected.

Choosing an adjustable mortgage over a fixed mortgage because it's currently cheaper is like buying a 360 over the Ps3 SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THE PRICE or pouring all your resources into 360 development and not into your Ps3 development simply because its harder now.

All those companies who bash the Ps3 and go with the 360 because of easier architecture. What will they do when the Ps3 has a larger base and when Microsoft launches the next Xbox with 32 cores.
cmrbe  +   2483d ago
Snuka my dear.....listen to Common Sense
Common sense just basically showed the difference between x360 owners mentality and PS3 owners mentality. x360 owners generally only think about the now but not later unlike PS3 owners. We look long term. In fact this is also true about MS and Sony. MS only thinks about now and worry about later while Sony have planned for the overall console cycle of the PS3.

From the outset of this console war we know that Sony has more devs than MS and Nin. We know that Sony has the most exclusive IP's collection. We know that the PS3 was built to last. We know that Sony will support the PS3 for ten years.

Devs knows this as well. The PS1 and PS2 is a testament to this. On top of what Common sense said. Devs knows that the PS3 will allow them to develop as many games as they want for the longest time as possible on the PS3. Devs know that the PS3 is where they will make the most money overall. For example. The xbox was supported for only 4 years. publishers can't publish games on the xbox anymore unlike the PS2 which they are still making money from. Its really simple. Use common sense.
Snukadaman_  +   2483d ago
"Snuka my dear.....listen to Common Sense"
I think I found jukkens other account.....nice..anyways...so my thinking is what cause the economic ressession huh...No people in the stock market who were greedy cause that...Now that we are in recession its more of a reason to think about what you do for your buinsess....trying to compare mortgages is ridiculous as well..its buisness 101 kids....how to make money the quickest with less risk...you can b!tch and moan about me being wrong but time and time again will show that developers will be passing up on the ps3 for now and in the future...hurts but its true without the fanboy blinders on.

"I always thought you were a girl, well my bad"
well that explains your blindness.
#10.4 (Edited 2483d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2483d ago
I always thought you were a girl, well my bad.

The fact that devs are switching from x360 to PS3 for lead platform as well as major publishers forecasting PS3 outpacing x360 HD sales is enough to prove you wrong.
BUKKAKALYPSE  +   2483d ago
Don't mean to be a d1ck but, wouldn't foresight be the thing that tells you that you should hold off buying a PS3 until a price cut and good games and not buying it in advance at a premium? and LOL @ including heavenly sword in that list..i guess we all have different tastes though
Socomer 1979  +   2483d ago
Quake wars dev should focus on psp.
you're just a waste of time on all consoles.
I rather play ut3 on ps3 with my mouse & keyboard on
my ps3. No problems fraggin there, just the usual lag &
unsupport from epic. Mods are the biggest attraction. Oh,
and the hundreds of mod maps.
ZmokeR  +   2483d ago
@Fox if you READ a little bit you will see...
That the reason that Kz2 is costing so *** much and took so long time is BECAUSE they are just not making a game for the ps3, they are making a hole new engine for ps3 and sony...=)

Read the news and learn
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
the game has a big budget, but the engine they build for themselves, provide a source directly from Guerrilla in which it claims that they are making it for sony.
JBaby343  +   2483d ago
There Are No Links
But it stands to reason they would use the engine at least for 1st party games and honestly they would be stupid not to. Many 1st party devs have collaborated on making the engine and use parts of it for their own engines like Santa Monica with GOW3 of which they have admitted they designed the destructible environment portion of the engine in KZ2 and will use it in GOW3. Again no link but I did read it in an interview with the dev. If you want a link research it yourself.

The knowledge they acquire now even if not using the same engine is still transferable to other engines and devs shortening dev time and making games better anyway. That needs no link.
ReTarDedFisHy  +   2483d ago
I'd go as far as to call these guys untalented.
Foxgod  +   2483d ago
Untalented right, they make games for ID software, content for Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein etch.

You really think they hire untalented developers ?
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James Vanderbeek  +   2483d ago
did anyone even buy this game????
i thought it flopped pretty hard on the 360 and ps3..
ThanatosDMC  +   2483d ago
There's the PC demo. The game is either hit or miss. The idea was great but parts of it fell short.
xg-ei8ht  +   2483d ago
I had quake wars on pc, and after a short while, took it off, was bland and pretty boring after awhile.

Of course 360 is easier to develop for. This has been said time and time again.

But i also think some devs are doing amazing things with it.

Also regardless of console.

I'd like to see Gears of War on PS3, then have matches between 360 and ps3 clans/etc/

Think it would be fun. an
devilhunterx  +   2483d ago
Repeat after me:

Familiar does not equals to Easier.
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DJ  +   2483d ago
Avante is familiar to me.
Avante is a pain in the ass. No, familiarity doesn't mean something's easy.
loadedscorpion  +   2483d ago
how long we have to hear this sh*t over and over again !!!!!!
Yes we already know PS3 is harder to develop for but when done right it can do amazing things (see Uncharted, KZ2, Motorstorm, MGS4 etc they beat every multi-platform game out there and x360 exclusives). These 3rd party devs should stop complaining and start writing some good code and optimize it for PS3 that can take advantage of PS3's architecture. Or just FUC*ING leave it alone if you can't do it! They fuc*ing make a sh*tty port from X360 code and expect to work perfectly on a totally different architecture without any proper optimizations??? Did they even get a degree in CS????? Oh and then every xbot is thumping that PS3 can't handle it. WTF seriously!
cmrbe  +   2483d ago
As they say
No pain no gain.
NaiNaiNai  +   2483d ago
i just want to know, where are all the great 3rd party games. i see all of the great 1st party. but that only goes so far. i want some more variaty. and personally. i dont care if that puddle in front of me has its own physics engine seperate from every other one in the game. or ever drop of rain is differnt. i dont notice it in real life. why am i going to in a game. T_T am i going to look at the details of the kitchen sink or am i going to shoot it.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2483d ago
MGS4,Valkryia chronicles,Heavenly sword.All great third party games.Each one different then the other.
divideby0  +   2483d ago
just as with the PS2....
put you time in upfront AND you will REAP a LONG HARDWARE lifetime.

just more reasons why PS3 had bad MP titles at first.
Sarcasm  +   2483d ago
Quake Wars was garbage on the PC, 360, and worst of all the PS3.

They need to just be PC/360 only and learn how to make better games on that first before they even try to touch the PS3 again.
joevfx  +   2483d ago
peaple that think a big learning curve is bad are LAZY!!!
nothing is ever going to advance in technology if someone isn't willing to learn new stuff. " WAH WAH, its hard, WAH WAH" shut up and do your job and make new innovative things that make you stand out as a company. No one cares about companies that do the same crap as everyone else. This is why Crytek is easily the best developers out there. They arent scared of new tech and the jump at the opportunity to make the best innovative product they can make. (they even said they cant wait to get there hands on PS4) They are Smart, passionate ,and artistic. Im sick of hearing "the PS3 is hard to develop for" id rather here "its a different technology but we went in and learned how to use it and we got great results" stop blaming your cheapness on the actual new hardware. if there was never new hardware to learn from we would still be playing Pong.

I work in the visual effects field, and if we said " oh that shot is to hard to make look real, lets drop it from the movie" then we would have never got things like star wars or lord of the rings.

Same thing here, spend a little money on R&D and learn something new and innovative, stop complaining.
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NaiNaiNai  +   2483d ago
problem in that is it costs more money to learn then what they will gain from the profit of the game. so you really can't justifie it.
joevfx  +   2483d ago
sure you can justify it, you can justify that you arent making a profit cause you are making the same game you have alwasy been and not tryign anyhtign new. so the consumer isnt stupid and isnt going to but your game. You need to spend money to make money. thats just how it works and how it always worked.
NaiNaiNai  +   2483d ago
but the problem is, that you can spend the money all you want. doesnt promise your game will sell, even if its a really really good game. how about ICO. or jet street radio. those games where amazing. yet they never got the sales they deserved thats why we don't see many like them.
lokiroo420  +   2483d ago
Nai, you only have to pay to learn once, whereas not making things on the new technology limits you to half the population of gamers. Looks pretty simple to me, learn, change, get on with it already.
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SaberEdge  +   2483d ago
Sony screwed up with the design of the PS3, plain and simple. Making a console that is not optimized for actually making games is hurting the PS3 more than people know. You have developers like Valve that don't even want to work with it at all. More importantly though, developers that do work on PS3 projects struggle to get their games to run well on the PS3. This causes a majority of multi-platform games to look and perform worse on the PS3 than on the Xbox 360. It also tends to make Sony exclusives take a little longer to come out.

PS3 fanboys are always saying that PS3 exclusives like Uncharted and MGS4 look better than anything on the 360, but that is complete BS. I own the PS3 (PSN ID = psykosonikninja) and I own those games and they don't look better than the better games on the 360. In fact, Gears of War 2 has come out and looks better than any other console game that I have seen. MGS4 and Uncharted are definitely some of the better looking games out there, but they don't surpass what has been done on the 360. That is just wishful thinking on the part of PS3 fanboys.
DevastationEve  +   2483d ago
Gears won awards for graphics. Gears 2 is no different, it slaughters quite possibly everything in its path. With a chainsaw.
JBaby343  +   2483d ago
I Admit Gears 2 Looks Better Than Uncharted and MGS4
But it is also coming out significantly later than both those titles and is Epic's second iteration of the series on 360 while Uncharted and MGS4 were first attempts both of which beat out Gears 1. Gears 2 is king at the moment but from what I've seen Gears 2 will be destroyed come February.
DevastationEve  +   2482d ago
Of course, MGS4 was Konami's first real experience with PS3 so it can be excused that they had to build an engine and all of that. Which would mean the best comparison would be to add Gears 1's development time as that was were the groundwork was laid for them in the next gen.

Gears1 (1.5 years) + Gears2 (2 years) = 3.5 years
MGS4= 3 years

In graphics, Gears remained to be an amazing testament to the x360's power. Gears 2 shattered that and wrote a whole new book altogether!
#24.3 (Edited 2482d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JBaby343  +   2482d ago
Excellent points. I agree that Gears 1 wowed people and Gears 2 managed to squeeze even more juice from the engine and the console. But if Gears 2 as good as it is is writing a new book I consider Killzone 2 to be a set of encyclopedias. Gears 2 is the best out at this point but soon it will be second best. At least in my opinion.

You might know the answer to this because I have wondered, since you bring up MGS4 putting a new engine for next gen, did Epic have to design or actually "redesign" the UE for next gen or did they tweak it or just upgrade it? PM me with the answer as it's silly to keep looking back at this old article. Good discussion.
pornflakes  +   2483d ago

HOW stupid can somebody be to mention KZ2????


MAN, THAT IS WHAT DEVS SAY.. KZ is THE BEST EXAMPLE.. THEY NEED 3-4 YEARS to make a GOOD game on THE CRAP PS3HARDWARE. PS3BOYS laughed at Cliff cause he needed only 2 years to make a second one.. OMG.. THATS what good gaming hardware and great tool do.. Great games in short time.

NOT tons of Millions in dev costs, 3 years dev time and at the end it sells 100k 1st day like Little Big Flop, haha!
#25 (Edited 2483d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
silverchode  +   2483d ago
i feel sorry for you :(
pornflakes  +   2483d ago
@Common Sense
Sry you failes already!

The PS3s CPU has 8 aktive cores? lol
Sry.. 1st its 7
2nd The CELL has only 1 core and 6 SPUs, thats a difference.

ignored newbie.
DevastationEve  +   2483d ago
Halo Wars will have no problem beating this game. I almost for a minute thought of buying EndWar...nice voice command but the graphics aren't $60 pretty. I also thought about Quake Wars, since I liked the idea. But it looks like Halo Wars will have no competition!
altimako02  +   2483d ago
a challenge means
tough as sh!t
JBaby343  +   2483d ago
Nice. That was a good one.
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Tiberium  +   2483d ago
Any developer that says developing for the ps3 is easy is obviously in bed with sony. So this is expected.

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