Koei Porting PC Marine MMO To PS3

We know Koei mostly for their Dynasty Warriors games and related spin offs. In Asia Koei has also been trudging in MMO territory with Uncharted Waters Online. Released back in 2005, this MMO sends players into the ocean, but not as pirates. Taking cues from history, Uncharted Waters is set in the Age of Discovery when Europe explored the seas. However, a game just about trading would be boring so Koei threw in sea fights.

Cruz del Sur is the second expansion pack for Uncharted Waters and it came out in 2007. Sometime in 2009 Koei will package Uncharted Waters with the Cruz del Sur expansion pack as a PlayStation 3 release in Japan. No word on a price, monthly fees or compatibility with the existing PC release, but seadogs without a capable PC have something to look forward to. Since Uncharted Waters was never released in North America or Europe the PS3 port of Uncharted Waters Online: Cruz del Sur could be the first version to come out in English speaking territories. But don't hold your breath for it or anything. Koei hasn't committed to releasing any of their MMOs overseas.

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Skyreno3684d ago

thats cool i will love to see dyansty warrior mmo comes to ps3 in The U.S ^^

sinncross3684d ago

How popular is the series in Japan?

Raoh3684d ago


if its not coming to the U.S. it does me no good.........

Sony really needs to get a handle on a few things. sure a unified server plan is one. marketing is another.

but i have issues with some games being releases only in japan or only in europe. even if its not the greatest of games building the library should be one of the top priorities. hell sony should have in house developers willing to work on ports to ensure that all regions receive the same games.