Videogamer: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Review

Videogamer gives the latest installment:
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Overall 9/10

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Maxned3665d ago

This game is getting some varied reviews...

Either way, im picking this up, being a long-time Banjo fan that I am. And I liked the demo :P

TrevorPhillips3665d ago

yea great game i just hope rare releases a new conker game hopefully.

Ichiryoka3665d ago

If I didn't have so many other games to play I would probably pick this up..MAYBE..I dont know. I just beat resistance 1 the other day on hard, on that note I didnt know there were so many epic battles in that game. Sooo yeah beat that played resistance 2 until about 5:00 in the morning.....hmmm I went wayyy off topic....umm yeah great game..

cmrbe3665d ago

are exception to the norm.

I check their rating of both PS3 and x360 games and there are 4 x360 exclsuives that were rated 10 including both Gears while there are no 10's for PS3 exclsuives. Even LBP and MGS4 got 9's.

Sorry i think this site is biased in favour of the x360.

WIIIS13665d ago

I checked your history of comments and I am sorry to report that your conclusion above is tainted by your predisposition.

pswi603665d ago

and your conclusion of his opinion is tainted by your opposition to his supposed predisposition...

i agree with cmrbe 1up gave r2 an 83 despite saying it was better than r1 in every way. i usually ignore everything from if you read this site long enough you start to see who hates on ps3.

i own 3 xbox 360s and 1 ps3, i just bought fallout 3 for 360 and lbp for ps3 so i don't want to hear that i am a sony fanboy or xbot