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Phil Spencer Will See Rare's New Game in November; Another Studio Could do Kinect Sports in Future

7d ago - Many are waiting anxiously to know what Rare’s next game will be all about. Microsoft’s Xbox Divi... | Xbox One

Rare Already “Deep in Development” of Next “Eye-Opening” AAA Game Possibly Using Unreal and Cloud

9d ago - There have been rumors and whispering voices about another game by Microsoft-owned Banjo-Kazooie... | Xbox One

Phil Spencer talks Rare's new IP, hopes of a new iconic franchise

22d ago - Its fair to say Rare has had a somewhat troubled time of things lately. Job losses and spending c... | Xbox

Game of The Week-Not Very Stealthy, But Great Nonetheless.

22d ago - Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 takes a look back at Goldeneye this week. Goldeneye is THE most i... | Retro

Win Outlast and Whistleblower Codes!

Now - It's no trick, Outlast 2 is in the works - and to celebrate Red Barrels has given us Outlast and Whistleblower treats! | Promoted post

The Weird, Weird Games of the Nintendo 64

35d ago - The Nintendo 64 wasn't doing well. Nintendo funded a bunch of very weird titles in an attempt to... | Culture

Why Mojang (Hopefully) Won't Be Microsoft's Rare Blunder

42d ago - There are a few reasons why Mojang won't suffer the same fate as Rare under Microsoft. | Industry

Microsoft: Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Just a Mistake; "Numerous" Games in the Works in UK

85d ago - Yesterday numerous media outlets reported about a PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection... | PC

Xbox to Announce Gamescom Plans Soon; Rare Focusing on New Game; "Great Work" on Quantum Break

99d ago - Gamescom, which will kick off on August 13th, is getting closer, while Tokyo Game Show is just a... | Xbox One

Battletoads: Were Critics Into This 8-Bit Brawler Back in 1991?

101d ago - Defunct Games takes a look back in time to see what critics thought of Battletoads on the Nintend... | Retro

Rare's Problem Is Not Microsoft

104d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Rare’s problem isn’t what you think - it’s not that they left Nintendo, and it’s... | Industry

Matt-Attack - Why Nintendo Sold Rare & Wii U Gamepad Stinks (Michael Pachter Parody)

123d ago - TheMatttBreakdown answers questions on Nintendo's wacky antics and video game investments in Matt... | Wii U

Rare Has Miscrosoft's Support And New Games In Development

133d ago - Microsoft Studios Europe chief Phil Harrison told Eurogamer that despite the recent round of layo... | Xbox One

Rare Uses Project Spark to Simulate Working at Old Rare

138d ago - The announcement that Conker will be available for use in the game creation tool Project Spark wa... | PC

The Patch #53

160d ago - The Patch Discusses Legal Battles | PC

Pixelitis Picks: What we hope to see from Microsoft at E3 2014

161d ago - "You have to admit that there were a few flubs on Microsoft’s part in the company’s messaging wit... | Xbox 360

Chris Seavor The voice of Conker talks to Nintendo UK Magazine

163d ago - At Rare Chris created Conker's Bad Fur Day. He left Rare to start up Gory Detail, where he is mak... | Wii U

Rare Firings Show What’s Wrong with the Gaming Industry

163d ago - From the article, "Kinect Sports: Rivals was supposed to be a big hit. It was not. And thus, Rare... | Xbox One

Xbox's Phil Spencer: More News Coming Before E3, "Special Things" to Be Shown at E3, More on Rare

165d ago - The recently appointed Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer has been hard at work lately, considering th... | Xbox One

Banjo Kazooie’s spiritual successor Mingy Jongo is dead

192d ago - Mingy Jongo, a planned spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie, has been officially confirmed as a d... | PC

Rare Director Talks About Bringing Back Beloved IP to Xbox One; “We have a Number of Ideas Bubbling”

193d ago - Rare’s Senior Studio Director Craig Duncan probably hears about the possibility to bring back som... | Xbox One

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Rare Talks About the Changes Made to Kinect Sports Rivals

222d ago - ‘Rare Still Exists and Occasionally Develops Video Games for Microsoft,’ was very nearly the titl... | Xbox One

GamesBeat: Kinect Sports Rivals puts you in the game with a flattering ‘Awesome You’ (preview)

226d ago - GamesBeat writes: "While camera-shy players might be reluctant to subject themselves to a digital... | Xbox One

Rare no longer a Kinect-only studio, 'assessing' classic franchises

227d ago - Rare is no longer a Kinect-only studio and will consider returning to classic franchises, it has... | PC

Let's Go Bananas About Donkey Kong Country: Part One

254d ago - The Donkey Kong Country series is one that needs no real introduction, yet it's a series that has... | Wii U

Phil Spencer on Rare: "We'll spend time looking at all ideas" - Fans Launch #rarenext Campaign

271d ago - GearNuke: "Rare has got plenty of classics IPs that rarely saw the light of day on the Xbox platf... | Xbox One
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