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Rare Replay: Back with the old, in with the new [Pixel Dynamo]

8d ago - One flip through the velvet-curtained movie theater menu of Rare Replay and it’s instantly appare... | Xbox One

Battletoads Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release for SDCC

19d ago - Rare announced that the Battletoads soundtrack will be pressed to vinyl and be sold in limited nu... | Xbox One

VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Rare at E3 2015: Behind the Scenes

21d ago - A sneak peek of Rare behind the scenes at E3. See studio head Craig Duncan prepare to take the st... | Xbox One

Nintendo 64 Controller Works On Xbox One, Perfect For ‘Rare Replay’ Release

23d ago - Xbox One and other console gamers never tire of the classics, and classic games will always have... | Xbox One

Factory Sealed Podcast - Episode 56: We Play Battletoads

24d ago - We pretend to love the entirety of Battletoads, when in fact we only made it as far as we did bec... | Retro

Details and artworks Sea of ​​Thieves, the new Rare IP

26d ago - According to official notes, the game's premise is centered on the freedom of the universe of p... | PC

Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda Checking Up On Microsoft Studios’ Developers

27d ago - Over the past week Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda has been checking up on Microsoft's own game studios. | Industry

IGN Rewind Theater - The Bones Breakdown

28d ago - Sea of Thieves scallywag Captain Bones gives his verdict on IGN's Rewind Theater | Xbox One

Games That Changed Our Lives: Goldeneye 007

28d ago - Steven at GameSpew writes: "Nostalgia. It’s a funny thing. While your run-of-the-mill human being... | Retro

Here's My Sea of Thieves Wish List

31d ago - Dan Murphy lays out his wish list for Rare's upcoming pirate romp Sea of Thieves. | PC

Rare Replay Manuals Leaked

45d ago - A well known member of the modding community, Chr0m3 x MoDz, has uncovered the manuals for the up... | Xbox One

Rare Replay Games Span Entire Company History Up Until Xbox 360 Era; Extra Bonus Included

45d ago - Rare's upcoming compilation will contain more than just games according to the developer. | Xbox One

The Complete List of 30 Games Included in Rare Replay

45d ago - All 30 games included in the upcoming Rare Replay includes old gems like Cobra Triangle, Blast Co... | Xbox One

Rare Replay E3 Announce Trailer

45d ago - Microsoft: Celebrate Rare’s 30th Anniversary with a jaw-dropping collection of 30 iconic games,... | Xbox One

E3 2015: Rare collection announced

45d ago - Microsoft have officially revealed the Rare collection – a collection of 30 Rare games in one pac... | Xbox One

Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Tweeting Some Crazy Stuff About Project Dream On The SNES

48d ago - NL: Rare co-founders the Stamper brothers have always been famously reclusive when it comes to i... | Culture

Rare's New Game: 5 Games the Developer Could Announce at E3

56d ago - Den of Geek takes a look at 5 games that Rare could announce at E3 2015. | Xbox One

What Was Rare's Best Year?

68d ago - Gamespot: "Rare is responsible for some of our most fondly remembered games--but what year did... | Industry

A Rare breed: Six studios that were created by ex-Rare employees | G4@Syfygames

76d ago - Jason Clement of G4@Syfygames writes "There are few video game developers these days that are qui... | Industry

Why Microsoft Will "Win" E3

76d ago - We know that we will see more footage of Microsoft’s heaviest hitter, Halo 5: Guardians, hopefull... | Xbox One

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

A RARE Opportunity – Where to for One of Gaming’s Great Developers?

87d ago - "Talk is taking over the gaming world that the legendary developer Rare is about to unveil a new... | Xbox 360

Rare to announce new game at E3, not for Kinect

89d ago - Rare creative director Simon Woodroffe, when asked about projects under development at the studio... | Xbox One

Rare's secret project a 'career highlight' for departed Phil Harrison

101d ago - The secret project being worked on at Rare is considered a "career highlight" for the recently de... | Industry

Interview | Playtonic’s Mark Stevenson on Project Ukulele & Rare Days

101d ago - With the announcement of Playtonic Games' Project Ukulele being not only a spiritual successor to... | Industry

‘People will be really happy to see Rare’s next game,’ says 20 year studio veteran

129d ago - “People will be really happy to see” the new game Rare is working on, according to 20 year studio... | Xbox One
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