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“Controller compatibility in PC games used to be managed only by the individual game developers, meaning a game supported a predetermined set of hardware and players selected from these prescribed input options. In 2015 we began an experiment to find out what happens when the community is less constrained.”

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AspiringProGenji52d ago

I use the PS4 controller myself.

Sgt_Slaughter50d ago

Most surprised at the number of PS2 controllers used

DaReapa50d ago


True. Equally surprising, there are SNES controllers being used as well.


I always use controllers and I have 2 gaming rigs. My personal preference for sure

DaReapa50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

My choice of controller is the DS4 or Logitech F710. Mostly, the DS4 due to its recharging capabilities.

WitcheRivia50d ago

I use a Hori FC4 for PS4/PS3 when it comes to fighting games but a Xbox One controller for everything else (Xbox One's d-pad is good for fighting games & a huge improvement over the 360 d-pad but when playing fighting games it seems to wear it out over time).