GamingTrend: Bioshock PS3 Review

GamingTrend: "It's really odd to see a title from deep last year suddenly arrive on your doorstep again the year after. Bioshock rocked the game world last year on the PC and Xbox 360, blending incredible storytelling, an incredible twist ending, and stunning visuals to create one of the best titles to grace the platform in the last five (or more) years.

Developed by ex-Looking Glass employees that formed Irrational Games, this team also brought us Tribes: Vengeance, Freedom Force, the S.W.A.T. series, and the incredible System Shock II. Bioshock picked up more awards than it could hold with its big metal hands, and is still widely discussed when gamers talk about great storytelling. So here we are almost a year later and Bioshock has once again found its way into my review list, only this time it comes to the PlayStation 3. I've personally beaten Bioshock four times, twice on 360 and twice on the PC, so what new gems could the newly-formed 2K Marin bring me? I'll kindly show you."

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