LBP Patch 1.01

LittleBigPlanet has seen it's first patch this morning for anyone with the game already (or at least the European version) taking the game to version 1.01. Interestingly, it appears the song in question is still there, we're assuming they've removed, censored or looped around the troublesome content, though.

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Mr_Bun3704d ago

I doubt they will bring up servers for a game that hasn't "officially" been released yet.

drtysouf 213704d ago

I am waiting for the servers too.

Why o why3704d ago

theres a 4 player segment on one of the later segments and i only have 3 pads. Online is my only option

Crazywhitie3703d ago

I think this game was Recalled because the server weren't Ready... Because they are now going to patch that song out, why not do it in the beginning??? I just got my copy today and no Servers :(

This is Crap

Why o why3703d ago

believe it or not, some people wont play this game online. Some people's consoles are not even hooked up to the net. Sony has to cover every base possible

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3704d ago

Excellent.The patch shall fix the dilemma one and for all for the LBP fans

Lanoire3704d ago

What the hell is author of article talking about!!!

Lucreto3704d ago


Some people got it early. I have 2 people on my friends list who have the full game .

dro3704d ago

so y did they not just sell the game and relase the patch... :/

instead of delaying the game /facepalm !!!!!!!

ultimolu3704d ago

That's what I'm saying...*scratches head as well*

kornbeaner3704d ago

Because then the issue in question is only fixed locally. Meaning the disk itself would still have the material in question and would only be "fixed" on the machine with the updated patch, all other machines that have not been updated would still have access to the material the game was delayed to remove.

Splitz3704d ago

Because people without internet wouldn't be able to download the patch. So they would still have the song...(see my point?)

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Gothdom3704d ago

can we redeem the characters yet? (I'm at work, can't test it now)

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The story is too old to be commented.