Monolith confirmed to be working on a new RPG game

Monolith Soft, best known for their work Disaster: Day of Crisis and the Xenosaga series have confirmed that the company is developing a new RPG title. It was previously hinted that the producer of Disaster would want to create another RPG, as Monolith is known for making those types of games...

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mohib-uddin79865323704d ago

Square Enix sucks. Good thing left.

They sold out to those guys, yeh those dirty fitlhy ass group of people


nikola9873704d ago

Is this the same monolith that created FEAR and NOLF? :S

Mahr3704d ago

I believe you're thinking of Monolith Productions. Monolith Soft is a different company.

ChickeyCantor3704d ago

Cool, from what i understand they made some good RPG's before!

Miraak82 3704d ago

another playstation exclusive hopefully, I really wish they'd made the whole 6 parts to xenosaga oh well or try to buy the rights from SE to remake xenogears sigh/ :(

PS360WII3704d ago

They are second party devs to Nintendo now so most likely a Wii or DS exclusive. Hopefully a Wii RPG because the DS has plenty of those right now ;)

N4g_null3704d ago

Yeah I'm thinking a Wii game also... SE has the DS locked up.

Reibooi3704d ago

Would be awesome if it was another game in the Xenosaga universe. There is alot of unexplored stuff in that universe that could very easily make for a great game. Not to mention the fact that Xenosaga Episode III didn't exactly end the series it left alot of questions unanswered. However I think that Namco/Bandai owns the rights to Xenosaga so I don't know if they could make it even if they wanted to. Although I'm not 100% sure about that.

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