Octopath Traveler Review - IGN

Whichever path you travel, this JRPG holds beauty and excellent combat in store.

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NecrumOddBoy157d ago

Excellent and I cant wait for tomorrow!

Deep-throat157d ago ShowReplies(6)
darthv72157d ago

I love the art style they were going for.

Myst-Vearn157d ago

amazing score, can't wait to start playing it!

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fewDankMemes157d ago

Who in their right mind would pay $90 for a 2d sidescroller rpg in this day and age. Absolute insanity.

Ragthorn157d ago

I will be spending the $90 (overall after taxes here in the Great White North) because I think the game will be worth it! Referring to pricing as $60 or even $80 is a standard when talking about full-price titles on the interwebz though, I would suggest using those as it should not undermine your point - even if your claim is pretty loose. Even including the tax too to put more gravity on your statement when everybody else already assumes you pay taxes to a variable degree when purchasing anything. Now for your actual point, it really depends what type of games you enjoy. I could ask why do people enjoy watching the umpteenth Fast & Furious movie (I do lol) when its filled with tired clichés in this day? Or why do people play multiplayer games over singleplayer games when you get more "value" over multiplayer games replayability? It really does not matter as it depends on the person's perspective of "getting their money's worth." Although I don't really think you'll understand or are just trolling, I feel like that is not understood enough at least. Let people play video games if they want! Don't downplay something because I could easily do the same for whatever you are playing and not see the worth in it. For example, "Why play Call of Duty when its the same every year?" Just let people be since they can choose how to spend their time!

Felix_Argyle_Catbro157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

"Who in their right mind would pay money for a good game?"


RememberThe357156d ago

$90 is a lot money. Hell, $60 is a lot. It's not strange for someone to question a value proposition, it's kind of the crux of being a consumer.

PhantomS42157d ago

That's some bad dyslexia if $60 is 90 to you.

Aceman18157d ago

The collectors edition is 90-100 beans, he's probably referring to that.

fewDankMemes157d ago

Is dyslexia what they call currency conversion these days? My bad

Fist4achin157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Dyslexia for cure found.

It was an article headline on a newspaper in the naked gun movie.

cpayne93157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

This is like 80 hours plus of content. And I'm not sure if you know what a side scroller is?

MeteorPanda157d ago

hey if you're an aussie like me - yeah it's a total rip! Check out Ozgameshop where the offer is 70 dollars. Better than 90 XD

I cant believe the vita got ripped to shreds for the memory cards but people dont give a shit about the switches cartridge and nintendo e-shop tax.


Bastrad157d ago

You Aussies and Canadians pay through the nose in taxes for everything, I'd blame your governments before you start blaming anything else.

fewDankMemes157d ago

Lol we don't pay much more taxes than you. Trust me, it's not a lot.

I'd rather pay a few more dollars in extra taxes here and there if it means that we get free healthcare and free social services.

Also, taxes isn't the issue here, it's our currency. Either way, even $60 for a game that looks and plays like it came out 25 years ago is wack. That's like if they re released Final Fantasy V and expected you to pay full price for it.

Bastrad157d ago


No, you do pay more. For everything.

fewDankMemes157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Learn to read? I said we don't pay much more. Not we don't pay more. And that is not because of taxes lol.

I'll take my free hospital visit and surgery if i ever get in a car accident for a few more percentiles of taxes vs a 100,000 dollar hospital bill lmao

Omegasyde156d ago

“We don’t pay much more taxes than you.”

Been to Aus, Can, and the States. States pays significantly less taxes on goods.

RememberThe357156d ago

I'll take those taxes if they'll take our gun violence.

FinalFantasyFanatic156d ago


My Aussie bro! I've been using for years but still can't get my friends to buy from there, I think they'd rather ha e it right away.

MeteorPanda156d ago


one who's house is made of glass should not throw stones, just saying mate.

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thekhurg156d ago

I paid $40 by purchasing through Amazon Prime.

Xb1ps4156d ago

I’m not a fan of turn based games at all so I won’t be getting it, however it seems well worth the money considering how many hours you get out of the game.

lociefer156d ago

You're probably talking about Ontario. Dude minimum wage got upped to 14 bucks per hours this year, stop being cheap and support good products, i know i will. Or just move to Alberta, cheaper taxes

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DrStronk157d ago

Both this and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker this month and I still haven’t finished Octo Expansion, Donkey Kong Adventure or Hollow Knight from last month. An amazing time to be a Switch owner!

MeteorPanda157d ago

why mention toad? How is that a plus to switch owners? Nintendo added nothing new to the wii u version. A straight up port for 90 dollars (aus) and you're happy with that??

Buy yourself a second hand wi u, the game itself for 15 dollars and save yourself 50 bucks XD

Sgt_Slaughter157d ago

They added stuff, looks like you missed the whole Super Mario Odyssey levels add-on. Also it's $40 in the US so sucks that it's so high AUS but for everyone else, it's a great buy.

DrStronk157d ago

Like most Switch owners, I never got to play it on the Wii U unfortunately. It has new stages from Super Mario Osyssey, but then again, every stage is brand new to me as I never played the Wii U version. My job includes alot of traveling so I would barely have time to play it if I bought it on the Wii U. I don’t live in Australia. Hope that cleared things up. :)

darthv72157d ago

Well that makes no sense. Chances are a 2nd hand wiiu and a copy of the game will still cost more than just buying the game on switch.

Bronxs15157d ago

I think drstronk was being sarcastic ?

Servbot41156d ago

Also the Switch version removed levels. Terrible port.

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The 10th Rider157d ago

Hollow Knight will be getting more content too. I just hope they don't drop it when I'm right in the middle of Octopath, lol.

Loadedklip156d ago

Hollow Knight is AMAZING!!!

Segata156d ago

Sonic Mania Plus,Shining Resonance Refrain,Titan Quest,Code of Princess,Mega Man X Legacy. Been a crazy month.

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