Is The Future of GameStop in Trouble?

With recent news of GameStop looking for outside investors to buyout the troubled company, after CEO and board member shake ups. It may look like the writing is on the wall for the brick and mortar retailer. With GameStop's troubled future, is this the beginning of the end for physical gaming market? Can GameStop adapt to the changing marketplace, or is it too late?

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darthv7291d ago (Edited 91d ago )

when they added an uber level to their members plan it really turned me off. That meant they got enough people to be rewards members that they needed to invent an even more scam way to make money. Like those fast pass at amusement parks. If you are fast pass member, you skip all the peasants waiting in line but if everyone is a fast pass member then you are back to waiting again unless they create the uber pass membership for $$ amount more.

I know retail has taken a hit across the board for the likes of walmart, game, best buy and such but it isnt just because of an increase in digital sales. It's also because of Amazon having killer deals on games and lowering their prices to remain competitive. Gamestop has nobody to blame but themselves.

admiralvic91d ago

"when they added an uber level to their members plan it really turned me off."

For me it's comparison shopping for things like collectibles. An amazing example of how awful GameStop is can be seen with the Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid.

The current listed MSRP is $69.97, which isn't too insane until you look into it. Like, the Japanese MSRP is 5,800 yen or $52.71 and even with the absurd 2,000 yen shipping GSC charges, the price shipped is $70.88. This means it is actually cheaper for me to buy the figure from Japan and pay an absurd amount for shipping than just going to GameStop (tax brings the price above $71). Even this is something I can overlook, but Best Buy has a MSRP of $59.99, so it's essentially $10 cheaper to go here than there and that is insane.

I mean, how can a company make moves like this and be surprised that they're going under?!

Muzikguy91d ago

So true about the amusement park passes.

zackeroniii91d ago

What did gamestop do to you?

Magnetar91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

“I see your power rewards card has expired, would you like to renew?
Are you sure, you could save two dollars?
Would you like to reserve anything?
Would like disk protection?

Muzikguy91d ago

I won’t miss them. It would be nice to have a store like what they used to be back in the day before they started selling all kinds of things that aren’t game related. It’s stuff like this that seems to give everyone the impression that physical medium is dying. It’s not. It’s just that bad companies are.

JohnRambo39291d ago

You don't care for the people who will be losing their jobs? We're supposed to be the richest country but companies are always trying to find ways of cutting people out of their jobs.

Goldenhawk52191d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Awwww, so sorry John :( You’re right! Everyone should care about the employess not losing their jobs! We need to start donating to those poor folks at places like EA, Activision, GameStop, and other places that we feel that people may lose their jobs at 🙀! For now on, we need to give in on everything these cashiers have to shill , otherwise they may lose their jobs, oh no!! 😥 Give everyone all your money and forget about consumer discretion. Don’t make the choice in purchasing what you want for the purpose of consumer enjoyment, we need to buy everything we don’t need or want, so we can support our fellow people!

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I actually had a decent experience at Gamestop when I sold my PS4 Pro for a new Switch last week during their $300 trade in offer. I expected them to charge me tax, but it was a direct swap. Walked away with a new console, an aluminum case, and a one-year Powerup Membership (also traded in my 2nd Dualshock 4). Didn't spend a dime.

I would still recommend Estarland to anyone that wants to trade in their games/consoles(despite the cumbersome shipping process), but Gamestop occasionally has fantastic deals every now and then.

CBaoth91d ago

u got fleeced. Should've just bought a Switch outright. Thank god for Hollow Knight or I wouldn't have turned on my Switch all year.

Thomaticus91d ago

That's why it was a smooth transaction. lol


Thanks for your input. I'll have to check out Hollow Knight. Thanks for the recommendation!

TheCommentator91d ago

With GameStop's troubled future, is this the beginning of the end for physical gaming market?

No, physical gaming media will be fine for quite a while. It's the beginning of the end of a company who lost focus on providing excellent customer service for gaming. Maybe if customers weren't treated strictly as a financial metric, the employee/customer relationship would have flourished and the company would too.

Sgt_Slaughter91d ago

I read that first sentence and headed for the dislike, but glad I waited.

GameStop has had so many chances to fix their own issues, and instead they kept digging a deeper hole.

Blade9291d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Maybe you should make sure you always completely read a comment before just clicking away at the dislike.

gangsta_red91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

GameStop became a chore to go to once they required their employees to hard sell you extra crap.

Derceto91d ago

Redundant question. Of course it is.

Timesplitter1491d ago

The future of Gamestop has been in trouble for at least 10 years now

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