E3 2018: Starting Next-Gen Hype Early Is Bad for Business

GamesIndustry: Casual references toward next-gen consoles and games risks overshadowing the huge releases coming in 2018.

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ShottyatLaw153d ago

Consumers aren't blind to the fact that next gen is coming. We are 5 years into this generation, and we know that the PS5 and Xb2 are in R&D. I much prefer transparency than trying to hide this no-brainer.

If you don't know that next gen will come, than chances are you aren't the type of consumer watching press conferences and reading about next gen discussions on gaming sites anyway.

On a personal note to the article, most of my excitement is still for the 2018 releases. RDR2, Spiderman, Horizon 4, and Smash are much higher on my hype list than ES VI or Cyberpunk right now. I don't think I am alone in that thinking, either.

theXtReMe1152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Exactly what I was going to write. Pretending like next gen consoles aren’t coming, until they are announced shortly before their release is juvenile. Technology moves at a fast pace and consoles have remained behind the curve for the past 2 generations. The mid gen refreshes were nice, as they allowed those who love to be at the forefront, to do so and play their favorite games at their console best. Especially since this gen allowed for nothing more than visual upgrades to last, due to the comparatively weak CPUs Vs. PC game machines. Which limited any advancements in physics, AI and world simulation. So we are really just playing prettier, larger versions of last gen games.

Hopefully, Microsoft and Sony go all out next gen and better match the GPUs with CPUs that can keep up and allow us to play games that are a true generational leap over what was possible this. With physics allowing for experimentation in dispatching our enemies with real world reactions to our in-game actions and AI that makes decisions on a person by person, case by case basis and aren’t completely scripted. World simulation that allows us to experience weather, seasons and interaction beyond what was possible in the current generation of hardware.

Hopefully, cloud compute helps this even further... so that we can finally experience a game world that behaves like our own, but allows for fantastical actions to be experienced by gamers playing the game.

AngelicIceDiamond153d ago

It seemed PS4 and X1 came and gone this gen, when in reality the consoles are fulfilling their 5, 6 year cycles with mid gen refresh to expand them. The only reason this gen felt so short was the 7th gen was so long. Much longer than it should of been. The 2012 Watch Dogs demo showed what PS4 and X1 could of looked liked (though it was a running on a ridiculously high end PC). but looked last gen due to the 7th gen ports.

Makes me think what Cyber Punk will really look like on current and next gen.