Microsoft "Deep Into Architecting" the Next Xbox Consoles; Aims to set Benchmark for Console Gaming

Microsoft announced that new Xbox consoles are being developed, alongside the future of gaming AI and a streaming service offering console-quality gaming on any device.

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DarkVoyager189d ago

Great to hear. Please be reasonably priced though.

BiggerBoss189d ago

I don't get this. I thought the Cloud was supposed to make the current Xbox far more powerful?

Why would we need a new Xbox, unless Microsoft lied to us?

Fantomex189d ago

Far more powerful for AI, not for graphics and other stuff local processing will always be used for.

BiggerBoss189d ago


When are we going to see the cloud power though?

I'm still waiting for the OG Xbox One to become 3x more powerful than the PS4 when connected to the internet. That's what Microsoft told us would happen.

Fantomex189d ago

Whenever Crackdown 3 comes out. Actually SoT uses cloud power so it's already in action.

As far as what MS said, don't expect everything any company says to be true. The cloud is heavily dependent on a robust Internet connection. Not everyone with an Internet connection can effectively use demanding data services like even YouTube at 1080p with 60 frames. The cloud for a game console will suffer the same problems.

Also it's MS. They aren't known for the most honest of marketing. The Facebook ads for MS' IT products and services are no better.

BiggerBoss189d ago


Yes, I am 10 years old.

Still doesn't explain why Microsoft lied to us, though.

Illumiroom, DX12, Cloud Power, its lie after lie after lie.

rpgenius420189d ago

Lmao who cares get over it you child.

81BX189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Just stop. Are you saying we don't need new hardware because the cloud should be it? Wtf are you on? I want some ;)

Goldby189d ago


If they continue the Xbox one ecosystem/generationless business model the Xbox one og won't be able to keep up with the newer consoles based off of CPU alone

morganfell189d ago

"Whenever Crackdown 3 comes out. "

Don't hold your breath. This vaunted, over touted feature was reduced to a trailer with no mention of the online tech. And if you aren't getting the drift the game is being downplayed and dropped into the market with little to no fanfare. Can't read the tea leaves? The tech doesn't work like they planned. The talked up this title as revolutionizing gaming and its been pushed back, delayed, and now barely on the radar.

blackblades189d ago

Cloud got scrapped just like that halo lens so you can forget about that.

alb1899189d ago

biggerboss this thing about the cloud never gets old. We will see you on every news from MS crying about the lies of MS....that's sad bro......move on!!

343_Guilty_Spark189d ago

Why do you keep repeating this?

Illumiroom was never coming. They said it was way too expensive. It was also a proof of concept.

DX12 is already here and does give big performance improvements to those
Games that use it.

Cloud is good for AI and physics not for local graphics.

Skull521188d ago

It's nice to know all the new Xbox's will also be the most powerful of their respective generations. Great news for us guys that like the best hardware in a console format.

Muzikguy188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I'm sure one more lie won't hurt

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gamersday08188d ago

I thought m$ said xbx1x is THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE EVER CREATED. If that is true, why is there a need for another system? It's really confusing. Pls make up your mind m$.

andibandit188d ago

Did you just step out of a time machine from 2013?.

188d ago
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Aceman18188d ago

So glad I didn't waste my money on the current system then since maybe in a few years I'll see something that will actually make me go out and buy one.

slate91189d ago

Xbox is heavily invested in the gaming business. Good to see...finally.

HexxedAvenger189d ago

That’s great to hear... but not to soon. Xbox 1 X is good for a few years. Lol

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mkis007189d ago

Well we know it will be the more expensive console if they wont settle for 2nd most powerful. Unless they launch after ps5, but I dont see them doing that and missing out on 3rd party releases fir a year.

The 10th Rider189d ago

Eh, most games early this gen were cross platform anyways.

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