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Johnny Hurricane of Gamers Heroes writes: Five years after the original State of Decay, State of Decay 2 launches on the Xbox One with co-op. Has this been enough time to make a better zombie survival game, or does this feel like an expansion? Check out our review and find out.

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AspiringProGenji34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Makes sense why they are giving it away on Gamepass like SoT

Septic34d ago

No. From now on they are giving away all MS published games on Game Pass.

Rimeskeem34d ago

Does that mean all MS published games will be early access?

Septic34d ago

What? You think the next Forza game will be early access ?

twiggytree1234d ago

"What? You think the next Forza game will be early access ?"

The next Forza will just be a copy and paste from the last iteration. At least this is Horizons year though, we get a new map to drive around in!

manabyte7734d ago

And thus with the exclusion of the usual Forza/Gears/Halo retread, you’ll continue to see Early Access & GaaS as it’s a perfect match for a subscription service like Game Pass.

tontontam034d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Great service.

Septic34d ago

Lol 'copy and paste and new map'...what on earth does that make all the other awfully reviewed racers I wonder 🤣

rainslacker33d ago

It means no more big AAA high profile SP games. Fun.

WickedLester31d ago

Which will be the perfect excuse for them to release underwhelming titles.

"Hey the game may suck and be riddled with bugs, but at least you get to play it for "free" on Gamepass."

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zerocarnage34d ago

Actually to put you rite, there are two versions to buy one at 25 and one at 39.

And no it's not a DLC there is tons to do in the game over the current 3 maps that can be travelled too, and they mite add more.

Plus the 39 pack has a horde mode with it as well as other content and supplies.

gamerzero34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I paid less for Uncharted Lost Legacy (a DLC for season pass holders) and that was a full game and it was WAY WAY more polished than State of Decay.

gamerzero34d ago


I have, and I probably will again soon but at the moment I am playing Little Witch Academia and Pillars of Eternity.

Aceman1834d ago

Oh dear these low scores are going to make a lot of ppl upset lol

Kiwi6634d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Why do people care so much over a review score

UCForce34d ago

But judging from the reviews of this game, the first game was janky but understandable at that time. I though the dev supposed to fix that in the sequel, but apparently it isn’t and is no excuse. State of Decay 2 is a mix bag game.

Aceman1834d ago

Because as gamers we've always been like that from the beginning. Anyway I knew when I saw this and SoT at E3 a few years ago they weren't for me. They just looked crappy to me, and neither one instilled a oh man I gotta buy an X1 again to play these two games.

I really hope MS can surprise me at E3, but I'm not really getting my hope's up.

Nyxus34d ago

In this case they more or less confirm how I felt about this game.

twiggytree1234d ago

Because it reflects the games quality, at least it's suppose to anyway.

Kiwi6634d ago (Edited 34d ago )

What is wrong with asking a general question as I don't get why people get so fixated on what reviewers say as its just a number

Kiwi6634d ago

So if I like a game (not this one) but a reviewer gives it a low score why should I care what they think as long as I want to play the game anyway

UCForce34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It’s more about value production. That’s why consumers need to know if this game is good or not. Apparently, State Of Decay 2 is mixed bag.

trooper_34d ago

Because it gives an indication of whether people should spend their money or not.

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salmonade34d ago

Well it's a shame. I'm judging the Metacritic will not get above 75

majiebeast34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Another mediocre Microsoft exclusive /shocked. Microsoft is batting 0-2 for this year.

CaptainCamper34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's a real shame. Both this and Sea of Thieves had huge potential. Sea of Thieves lacked content but was incredibly well polished. State of Decay 2, despite featuring multiple content loops, has some great content and concept ideas but was so rushed and buggy, it was hardly worthwhile.

Really hoping Xbox fans get something to sink their teeth into that does the console justice.

Nyxus34d ago

I would also like something that isn't multiplayer.

DemonChicken34d ago

@ Nyxus

Highly unlikely we get a Single player game with a similar standard to the Nintendo or Sony first party games especially with Game Pass. Single Player games won't note fit the GaaS model with Microsoft, i.e. recurring revenue. Multiplayer type games with mircotransactions and DLC will likely push more profits and as you can imagine for single player, people can just subscribe for the month and then unsubscribe when it is completed it. so in this respect, Game Pass is not good for single player games as most people would rather pay one month of Game Pass as opposed to the full $60. This just shows how committed to Microsoft is to the genre.

And yeah I noted how they mentioned about Game Pass funding single player games, but noting how they want all first party games on Game Pass - single player games would not fit into their monetization strategies and recurring revenue model. This is unless it is episodic single player games but the quality of these will worry me. Seems like a dead end whatever way I think about it.

Rude-ro34d ago

Sea of thieves is not well polished.
Maybe not as bad as state of decay.. but it is not polished either.

trooper_34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's just crazy to see yet another dud on their side.

Seriously, what the heck is going on at Microsoft?!

Relientk7734d ago

Wait for Crackdown 3, there's number 3

doggo8434d ago

Another terrible year for microsoft and then xbox one.

gamerzero34d ago

Heh Not only is Microsoft dropping the ball they are kicking it into the other teams net.

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