10 Frustrating Boss Fights That Almost Spoiled a Great Game

Plenty of great games have boss fights that stink. Often times it's poor design, strange mechanics or a change in tone that hampers the experience. Some bosses are just downright annoying. Here are 10 frustrating bosses that almost ruined great games.

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alexgibson202d ago

I was never super bothered by the UC4 one, I have to say. I remember Wolfenstein irritating me hugely, though.

gamerpop202d ago

Agreed, I didn't get what the fuss was about with that one. I remember Splinter Cell Blacklist's final boss being super annoying.

OB1Biker202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I liked UC4 final boss very much but hated UC2 final boss battle.

Fist4achin202d ago

Anyone else have the hardest time beating the guy at the end of heavenly sword?

Blu3_Berry202d ago

I agree with the others, UC4 boss I had no problems with. That Borderlands Final boss though, ugh he was just a bullet sponge. Boring final boss.

202d ago
Bushwick202d ago

There was this game called extermination on PS2. MY save file is still stuck on that final boss

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