TGS, RPG's and the failure of Square-Enix

BengaBenga of VGChartz writes:

"Tokyo Game Show came and went, but no big news from Square-Enix. That raises the question: is the RPG giant losing it?"

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Zerodin3690d ago

Square - pre E3 = AWESOME!

razer3690d ago

1.1 joined 24mins ago and he is already proven himself yet another lying cheating [email protected] ass ps3 fanboy and Zerodin you are correct.
but what do you expect from liars, cheaters and the biggest group of loser fanboys in gaming? every day i see the pos3 in last place i think about these losers and get a smile on my face.

mohib-uddin79865323690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Its all Microsofts fault !!! I loved it when they were Squaresoft

They changed my life and the world around me !

I know all about Squares past and how Final Fantasy got to be made. Let me tell you that with Square Enix steering the Final Fantasy Boat. the series is going downhill !

into an ocean with a tsunami following them from behind, with nothing to look forward to, but a thunderstorm that leads them to a whirpool. One day they may go, BANG !whirlppool.

Zerodin3690d ago

They became Square-enix, long before Microsoft started making Sony look bad.

mohib-uddin79865323690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I said it all Microsofts fault becuase they Showed them money

they introduced them greed and ruined the company.

their not a company that makes money through Hard work anymore ! even if they make an AAA game i wont feel happy.

becuase i know they didnt put their blood , heart and hardwork into it to make it like Squaresoft used to!

Zerodin3690d ago

A company that wants to make money?!
What kind of crazy sh!t is THAT?!?! Does anyone else do that?
I am sure glad that no other companies are out to make money! That would be SUPER bad!

razer3690d ago

lie some more ps3 fanboy thats all your kind is good for.

lie lie lie lie lie. not go eat some curry you hypocritcal bastard.

mohib-uddin79865323690d ago

why are u giving black peopel a bad name you fa*

if your black you are definatley one of the most disgusting lamest black bast*rd i have ever met

u make black people look s bad, go to hell !!!!

i doubt nayone likes. all your friend probably just think your a nerd . if i saw you on the streets i would slam u to the kirb if you talk to me like that!

"go eat you curry?" huh

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CrippleH3690d ago


Take freaking forever to release their top game and delayed for a port job is even worst.

Another grip: Wtf is with all the dam closed showing all these years and no gameplay footage? People expected gameplay footage TGS. All they got is closed showings.

4 years and still nothing.

mother f***ers.

PirateThom3690d ago

The Closed Mega Theatre is a cage for Square Enix's arrogance. Nothing more.

LoVeRSaMa3690d ago

Squre have been going pretty downhill since FF7 i heard :P

Mozilla893690d ago

And we still haven't seen a decent SE game? It seems they put so much into making FFXIII a big massive project that by the time they get around to pumping out games we'll be waiting for the next gen to start. I really like their games like Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest (although I thought that was Level 5).

INehalemEXI3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Crisis Core was great, and Dissidia , parasite eve 3rd birthday look good. They have not fallen they are just spread to thin with so many projects these days.

They maybe to concentrated on making profit since the time when they almost failed after making the spirits within movie and there stock went to penny's. They have swung to a buisiness mode that is less concentrated game and more like EA.

I agree the closed mega theater needs to be bulldozed.

AAACE53690d ago

They should just cancel it for 360 and leave it Ps3 exclusive!

Because if it was a Ps3 exclusive it would be the greatest game ever, and no other game would ever be able to beat it. Because the Ps3 just has that magic that makes anything great, but only if it's exclusive to the Ps3, because other consoles can't bring out my true emotions like the Ps3 can and make me feel all warm and fuzzy insine like a little kid waiting for santa claus to show up! (Imitation of a fanboys true thoughts that they won't admit)

It's a F***in game B***hes.... get over it!

And quit trying to blame the 360 for FFXIII being released so late! SE always had it planned to release the game in 2009 anyway. It took them almost 3 years just to make Final Fantasy: Advent children! And considering they are making the same amount or more in CG video, and adding lots of gameplay (do the math fanboy), you will realize that the main reason they haven't released it or shown much is because of this fact!

And before anyone else wants to talk about how much the 360 is crippling Ps3 games... Look at Devil May Cry 4 as an example!

It was originally developed exclusively for Ps3, and was far enough in development when they showed its power! Yet, the 360 seemed to have got the better out of the deal, considering I can put DMC 4 in a 360 and play it almost right away. As opposed to buying it for Ps3 and waiting 20+ minutes and using 5.7 Gb's of a HDD for a mandatory install. Which is odd, because it was created for the Ps3 and ported to the 360!

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Zerodin3690d ago

Opinion submission = fail.

razer3690d ago

thats all they got what do you expect? they are liars and cheats and the scum of gaming. i can say no more about them.

RememberThe3573690d ago

They just need a good ass swooping. Hopefully Level-5 blowing up will cause them to shape up. For the next few years Level-5 will kick Squares ass, maybe this will show them that catering to your fans is actually a profitable venture. Square has some incredibly creative people working for them, and I'd really like to see those minds put to work on new innovative projects, not just FF games.

CrippleH3690d ago


They are like EA.

Before EA needed an a** whipping to bring out great games like Dead Space, Battlefield Bad Company, Burnout, and soon to come out Mirror's edge.

Published Spore and Crysis.

Thanks Activision but you suck.

tocrazed4you3690d ago

Is that sony is turning it around with more exclusive quality games, like WKC which will crush all JRPGS on the xbox 360, except SO4 maybe... And they are releasing a lot of updates with in xmb, trophies, and finally home soon. They are giving out a lot of betas, making deals still need A PRICE CUT THOUGH.

razer3690d ago

"like WKC which will crush all JRPGS on the xbox 360, except SO4 maybe"

ahh more fortune telling lies.

Roukuko3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Good thing theres like 100 star ocean fans on xbox, that games sales are going to be so good let me tell you. Honestly this is were next gen gaming has failed, its ok for games to go multiplat cause everyone gets it, but when you have a game thats been on 1 system and then you switch it to another its dumb.

PS360WII3690d ago

Roukuko I didn't know the SNES, PS1, GBC, and PS2 were all 1 system. Oh right the Star Ocean franchise is found on a few consoles!

Roukuko3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

hand helds will always get spinoffs but im glad you didnt add the 2 psp handheld games on that list. So that 4 games for sony 2 for nintendo and 0 for xbox but so4 is on xbox only you just made my point for me.

This is also why se is fail this gen there putting rpgs on xbox when it has no fanbase, they need to make rpgs on the wii anime style or whatever and ps3 that has most of se fanbase if not there games will be like IU 240k sold worldwide.

PS360WII3690d ago

Well PlayStation didn't have the fanbase when they first came around with the PS1 why wouldn't the same idea work with the Xbox? Maybe they are releasing IU and Last Remnant first to get interest going who knows.

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