Is Xbox Game Pass a Game Changer, and Where Does PlayStation Go With PS Now

This week’s episode of, The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, host Joseph and special guest Foxes, talk Microsoft Game Pass, is it a game changer? Should PlayStation recreate PS Now in order to compete with Gamepass? Ubisoft beats back Vivendi, what it means for the industry at large. What PlayStation title would make a great video game movie? God of War's first reactions, shows Sony's trust with Santa Monica. What ever happened to the hype surrounding PUBG, and some of the gang's Toys ‘R’ Us memories.

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the worst243d ago

Nowhere MS doesn't have no exclusive so the pass is useless

Servbot41243d ago

There are some early access and alpha games like No Man's Sea and Playerunknown's Poor Performance.

HeisenbergX243d ago

Let's be honest that's why this game pass thing even exists.

LgbtWarrior243d ago

Im team PS4 but Ps now sucks because Its streaming. Xbox Pass is download which is awesome And pass includes Xbox, x1 arcade classics, genesis games etc. it’s a legacy service. PS now doesn’t even have PS2 or PS1 games like they said they would eventually have. it’s just PS3 and 4. you can’t beat pass right now. It’s really awesome. No graphical loss, latency or bs associated with streaming. Ps now really need to revamp. Sony needs to invest in backwards compatibility it can be done. And if they choose not to you there’s no excuse not to be able to stream all of Sony’s legacy titles it’s lazy and complete BS.

OB1Biker243d ago

I'd pass on both.
Why accumulate subscriptions? Also EA? And then what? The companies should focus on improving the one almost compulsory subscription.

_-EDMIX-_243d ago

I have no clue what Sony is going to do with PlayStation now as it just seems like they're scaling back devices and I'm not sure even they know what they're going to do with the future of it.

I'm not really sure because I don't rent my games so I don't get it to be honest.

ILostMyMind243d ago

- Is Xbox Game Pass a Game Changer?
- Where Does PlayStation Go With PS Now?

Eidolon243d ago

They're both not doing much for either of them. I find myself using Game Pass, but not PS Now.

SegaGamer242d ago

They both have their issues. Xbox game pass is limited to Xbox One and PS Now is too expensive and demands a strong internet connection.

Skankinruby243d ago

Neither one are revolutionary, offline digital games will be a huge step

Eidolon243d ago

A lot of games, but streaming sucks for majority of people, or at least those of us who can tell the difference in latency and frame and quality consistency. Honestly, I'd rather pay $5-10(sometimes cheaper or free) per game than subscribe $10 a month so I can own it and play it with 0 network encumberance.