Cushman School students throw out video games for campaign against virtual violence

MIAMI (WSVN) - Students at a South Florida school are giving up specific video games to show they’re against virtual violence in the wake of the recent Parkland school shooting.

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Syriel283d ago

Tthen just don't play those so called violent video games .. and while you're at it, stay off the internet, stop watching the news, and no longer go to the movies

Tetsujin283d ago

Don't forget books, magazines, comics, listen to music, and life in general.

It reminds me of PETA wanting to ban Pokemon because it encourages Animal cruelty, and was laughed out of court. Uneducated people need to be reminded the media as a whole is not to blame at all, and 99% of these "school shootings" can easily be fixed by teachers and parents. It's bullying, teachers who are only out for a paycheck, and parents who do nothing are the ones to be erased. I don't hear about a lot of this in other countries, just the US. So what does that tell us about our system for the younger generation?

282d ago
GamingSinceForever282d ago

A lot of other countries don’t have violent video games and easy access to guns at the same time. You have to understand all of the facts.

I applaud their efforts to make a change, however as an adult I still prefer to play what I want.

We all have to agree that several things need to change. This generation has been desensitized to violence.

thorstein282d ago


Find a map. Find the USA. Look north (above on the map.) See Canada. Canada has the exact same games and movies, comic books, and violence on TV. They even allow nudity on TV after 10PM.

And guess what else they have plenty of: GUNS, GUNS, GUNS. And guess what they don't have, gun murders.


I digress, sorry, for Syriel and Tets,

Not sure if you are old enough to remember, but before video games and PG movies like Jaws and Ghostbusters, the real culprit to all the killing was Dungeons and Dragons and Rock and Roll.

Books too, but mostly Dungeons and Dragons and Rock and Roll. That is why idiotic statements by people who don't know what they are talking about don't further the discussion or the solutions.

SlashHabit282d ago

Don't forget about the News, where they show dead people LIVE.

rainslacker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

I do think the constant barrage of violent media we have nowadays does in some ways desensitize us to violent acts. But being desensitized means that one doesn't feel the horror as much as they would otherwise. Being desensitized doesn't tend to make someone psychopaths....although it can make them lose their better judgement on some things and try things. But more often than not, common sense prevails.


Yes. Things need to change. But what needs to change isn't the removal of violent media.

Aloren281d ago

@thorstein Canada doesn't have anywhere near as many guns per capita as the US. It's on the same level as France or Germany, not the US.

jznrpg281d ago

GamingSinceForever I had an arsenal of weapons by the time I was 10 , I watched every war and ninja movie ever made , gangs were everywhere killing each other (Los Angeles) violence hasn’t changed . We are separated , taught to dislike each other early on . Neighbors don’t say hi as much as they used to, I knew everyone on my block and a few blocks over , now I know like 3 neighbors total . You never heard Libtards and Repugnicans, we have categorized ourselves so much instead of everyone just being Americans and hate those people because we can’t agree to be different . We used to respect others who we disagreed with now it’s like they aren’t even human . This hatred mixed with mental health issues who have access to guns is a bad combo. Most keep there hatred to words but the few who don’t cause a lot of damage

UnHoly_One281d ago

The country's political climate is just completely off the rails.

Both sides hate everything about the other side, there is almost zero attempt to compromise on anything at this point.

Trump could do something that Democrats planned to do if they had been in power and they would hate it and vote against it.

Dems are so focused on Illegal immigrants it's complete insanity. California has become a cesspool of drugs and crime but they are just doubling down and they want more of that.

I'm afraid this is going to get far worse before it gets better. I'm not sure it ever will get better. I'm glad I don't have kids.

TacoTaru281d ago

While I agree that this is pure idiocy, they did remove all cigarette advertising from most everywhere and people in movies or on TV can't be seen with a cigarette because it makes it socially acceptable and will cause young people to smoke.

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strayanalog282d ago

I don't think they will be happy until it's full Fahrenheit 451 around here.

Cobra951282d ago

Props for that reference. Yes, let's burn the books next, and see if gun violence stops.

Lighter9282d ago

They can be addictive, especially if you've been playing them for most of your life. It's not so easy.
Like telling an alcoholic to put down the bottle. Easier said than done.

kneon281d ago

Sure if you have an addictive personality. I can play a game every day for weeks and then just stop cold turkey.

Gunstar75282d ago

I've been playing violent videogames for over 30 years and I've hardly killed anyone on real life

Goldby282d ago

only issue i have with that statement is the misspelling of in with on.

nitus10282d ago

Yes, it is extremely hard to kill a real person with a game controller. 😎

SierraGuy282d ago

Movies are the worst. Horror especially. It's ok to let kids watch people being tortured and mutilated. Maybe we could look at that first.

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thorstein282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Can you edit that so I can understand what you are trying to say?

The only thing I got was that you think that I'm everything wrong with society. How? By analyzing the BS fed to us by corporate media and rejecting it as another means to divide the people? By knowing based on my studies, scientific peer reviewed data, and common sense that media does not make violent people.

Canada doesn't censor music. Yet, their society is far less violent than American society. That said, American society isn't actually all that violent. I refer you to Steven Pinker's Better Angels of Ourselves or Barry Glassner's Culture of Fear.

Heck, even check out to see that the USA has become so incredibly less violent in the last 20 years that we have hit historic lows on: murder, rape, robbery, assault, grand theft, abortions, teenage abortions, teenage pregnancy... the list goes on and on.

And censorship has not one reason for existing in a society, let alone a society that has freedom of speech. Censorship is pure evil. And don't go slippery sloping down your well to hide behind children again. Maybe educate yourself.

SierraGuy281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

So your telling me you would let your 4 year old watch porn? Because that's what I'm getting here. That should be ok in your world. I agree with you for the most part Canada isn't bad for violence...but it's getting like the south. I should know I'm here.

Violence in America might be at it's worst right now how do we really know? I'm not from Atlanta or Dallas. Stop telling me to stop hiding behind children. Their defenseless. I don't have kids. Censorship that is in place is adequate. So yeah the fatal violence is higher because it's not normal to see a gun in a Canadian home. I mean I guess it's protection from an invasion? Maybe the American government knows something we don't? The amount of deaths a day in America is a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the world I believe...that's why they won't do a thing about guns but blame videogames. We're oversensitized because they plaster it all over the TV when something does happen.

thorstein280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

That's a Red Herring. Stop with the logical fallacies.

As for the facts, I provided you with three separate sources. It's up to you to educate yourself about it. It is now your choice to either learn that the USA is far safer than it has been in the past 40 years or you can choose to ignore those things. "How do we know?" Because crime is a matter of public record. We can know things and look at them and compare them to the 60s 70s 80s 90s etc.

As for censorship, it is very simple: As violence in media has increased, become more prolific and lifelike, violence in society has decreased.

Here is a bonus source:

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letsa_go282d ago

Jack Thompson would love these kids! He was 20 years too early.

rainslacker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Its a shame that middle school kids, who grow up with games, buy into this crap. It's obvious they aren't researching the data, and as such, they're actually coming across as worse because it shows they can't even think critically about the subject.

While I know that school will always have a small group of people who will go after any cause or do any kind of protest in an attempt to appear progressive, this kind of thing just comes across as ineffectual, and ultimately, does nothing to solve the issue. I'd imagine most of the kids in the school probably laughed this kind of protest off, because I'm sure a lot of them have played a violent game or two, and I'd imagine that most, if not all of them, wouldn't resort to some terrible homicidal rampage.

Quote from one of the kids

"“I think it’s important because if you play violent video games, you’re gonna have a really bad mindset, and you won’t be able to focus on your schoolwork"

Is that so? What evidence is there to suggest that? Is this based on anecdotal or empirical evidence, or is just just assumption. Since it's most likely the very latter, where did you hear that you'd have a really bad mindset if you play violent games. Where, in your statement, did you lose focus on becoming informed? For one that seems so keen on becoming knowledgeable by focusing on school work, it seems rather ironic they wouldn't take a few moments to do a bit of research.

Millions upon millions of people play violent video games daily. They don't have a bad mindset. Whether or not one can focus on their school work has nothing to do with one's psychological tendencies towards violence.....and realistically, any game, violent or otherwise, can cause one to lose focus on their school work.

While it's nice the kids want to do something productive, i'd suggest that they focus their ideas on something that will actually be effective, and not add to the problems by distracting from the issue. While I try not to be overly hard on kids in these kinds of cases, these kids are the same idiots that we will have to argue with in the future when no one actually calls them out on their misconceptions. I believe more now than ever, a kid should learn to think critically. Maybe in 20 years or so, we can move past this knee jerk, misinformed activism that is so rampant with the advent of social media.

fathertime4464281d ago

Well now that that's done let's go skip the rest of class and smoke some meth

ZeroX9876281d ago

did anyone realized that any violent video games in the hand of those childrens shouldn't be in their possession in the first place?
Parents are the one who allowed those games to their kids. Kids are king and can make parents do whatever they want. It's a parent duty to restrict those violent video game.
They could also enforce an ID check when buying a video game for games 16 years old and over.

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strayanalog282d ago

In the words of John Lennon: "in order to burn them they have to buy them."

XiNatsuDragnel282d ago

These students have low IQ than Patrick star

PhantomS42282d ago

Happens when they find bad ways to protests good causes. "Let's all walk out of school to protest mass shootings and form a crowd outside of the school in public where it would be 100X easier to gun us down"

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Araragifeels 282d ago

Florida is a well known State in United States for having low education and high crime, weird people.

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_-EDMIX-_281d ago

I'm from Florida and I'm definitely going to have to agree with you on that but I would argue that's most of the United States....

FancyMudkip281d ago

I'd say the most across the USA instead of just pointing at one State.

saint_seya282d ago

I would like to be able to follow them after a while, to see if those "students" are found playing violent games, it would be so funny.

Goldby282d ago

yeah i wonder if any super mario games were thrown out as well,

he stomps on turtles, throws fireballs at turtles

plus i don't even think hes certified to do the pipe cleaning he does in the games

rainslacker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

I think they mean well. But in the end, they're just being influenced by a greater power. Nothing in the given quote, or stated actions, seems to point at them coming to this conclusion through thought or research.

It's more excusable in children than it is in adults, but adults do the same thing nowadays.

I'd challenge any of these kids to actually research the issue. Not just violent games, but the bigger topic in questions. Then form a conclusion which can maybe let them find a more productive way to address the issue at hand. If they want to raise awareness, that's great, but they should learn early that if you're going to do so, do it right. Otherwise, they won't be taken seriously, and they'll just become another notch on the social media idiots list, who only do things to make themselves feel good, rather than doing something to influence productive change.

It's nice to give a statement that makes people have feels. But productive change won't come from feels when placed up against hard evidence....or in some cases the lack thereof. People don't need more feels, they need facts. It's emotional to see a child fight for a cause, it's shameful when that cause isn't fought with knowledge. The given quote only reaffirms people who already believe what these kids believe. It does nothing to change the mind of those who feel otherwise. To effect change, you have to make those people who disagree with you see it from your point of view....and you do that through facts.

_-EDMIX-_281d ago

I mean I commend them for supporting their rights to protest but this just sounds like a dumb NRA PR stunt to try to make it seem as if videogames are the main culprit of this.

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OB1Biker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

'are being encouraged'
'if you play violent video games, you’re gonna have a really bad mindset, and you won’t be able to focus on your schoolwork," one student said. "

OB1Biker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose.
But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big BrotherTrump.

PhoenixUp282d ago

Why stop at videogames? If you’re against violence that much you might as well throw out every form of media that depicts violence, whether fictional or real.

Hell don’t even teach anything that has anything violent associated with it in school.

Doing this half measure and play pointless veto on videogames is in extremely bad taste.

Scar-281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Exactly If this is the case then they shouldn't teach about ANY war in American history they should be burning there history books and videos also because that's REAL life documentation of gun violence.