What If This is the Last Console Generation?

The introduction of Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass could change the way people play video games forever. But could it also change the console cycle?

If the concept succeeds, streaming video game services could not only upturn the whole industry, they could also put an end to console generations as we know them.

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PhoenixUp305d ago

People thought the last generation would be the final one and look how that turned out

We’re still going to get new consoles. An on demand gaming service is just going to be an alternative, not the primary way people will experience games

darthv72304d ago

If I recall... people were talking about last gen being the last "traditional" console generation. and for the most part they were right. this gen we have discs that you don't actually play from but simply use as an installation or key to install from downloading. There has been an increased emphasis on service based gaming and being able to play your titles on various devices instead of just the console.

If things progress, we may not have physical media at all, especially given how its been put to use this gen. Pressing physical copies is an added expense that some publishers may not want to incur and so going with all digital distribution is a possibility. We have seen some publishers forgo releasing their wares in physical form all together this gen so that may increase next.

If there is to be something really radical in the sense that it changes console gaming further then it could lead to the release of modular systems. The iterative console this gen were just a taste and it may be that future releases would allow for upgrades instead of buying a mid gen upgraded system in general. I'm sure companies have been talking about this sort of things for the last several years and it is just a matter of time before we get to that point. The line between "console" and "PC" is blurring and there wont even be a line anymore at some point.

Nyxus304d ago

No, they are still traditional consoles in every sense of the word.

darthv72304d ago

How so Nyx? There are those who feel the term "traditional" refers to the ability of just plug and play. No having to set up internet or download or install but just simply... pop in a game and play.

These current systems certainly play games but their doing so much more elevates their status above what people consider traditional consoles. They may have some semblance of tradition but many dont see them like that.

RacerX304d ago

I have a great PC, but nothing beats the user friendliness and seemless experience being provided by consoles.

I really don't see them going away. And PS4's 80 million (?) consoles sold this generation proves it. If that number ever declines, then we can have a real discussion.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago (Edited 303d ago )


The line between console and PC is actually not really blurring any more than it did the previous generation.

The Home console is not upgradeable it is a standalone box only created to play games

A PC is open source and created to be modular.

Home consoles have not become open-source and they have also not become modular so I'm sorry but you don't really have any idea of what you're talking about.

"There are those who feel the term "traditional" refers to the ability of just plug and play. No having to set up internet or download or install but just simply... pop in a game and play." Huh?

Buddy just stop it sounds like you're trying to force a definition to fit a narrative or an agenda

I mean that would be like me trying to say that there are those that believe console means putting inside of a cartridge without a damn disc, are you telling me that's what console really means because I said so just to argue? Smh.

You're literally trying to argue that traditional means it's never going to change at all as if there's never going to be even a slight technological difference between the systems that release in the future.

That might be literally one of the stupidest things I've ever read Because by that logic anything beyond the regular Nintendo to you is not a console because it is not a regular Nintendo.....

I mean what's next are you going to tell me that the N64 in PlayStation are no longer consoles because they have joysticks because the first Nintendo system doesn't have joysticks?

😂😂😂&# 128514;

Ok pal

So where on Earth did you read that home consoles are defined by never having any type of technological differences even slightly? Are you seriously telling me you don't understand just how stupid this actually is? Read what you posted and explain what you're talking about because I have no clue why anyone would seriously believe the term literally means to verbatim, to never change or adapt to the market.

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porkChop304d ago

It's not. Both Xbox and PlayStation have sold enough consoles to warrant another generation, and Switch is well on track to do the same.

Kingthrash360304d ago

To you maybe....but the goal for Xbox was 200 million. Right now the 360 is out pacing the Xbox one year over year. MS on a consistent basis has been losing money to the xbox. Their software has more worth than their hardware. MS has already stated they will eliminate generational consoles ...while Sony has stated they will stay traditional.
Chances are MS will go digital, Playstation won't. The Google console will take the Xbox's place and hopefully they will show more enthusiasm on making actual games.

porkChop304d ago

Moving away from "generational" consoles does not mean they won't make consoles at all. And regardless of the 360's sales, the Xbox One has still sold enough to warrant sticking in the console business.

darthv72304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Where do you get that number of 200 million from? also, i love how you spin the 360 as being successful in relation to the XBO but last gen you were all about downplaying 360 sales due to RRoD (I'm not going to dig through your comment history... you know you did).

Keep in mind every XBO sold is a legit sale where as there was a percentage of 360's sold that were defective replacements. At the end of the day a unit sold is a unit sold but dont go thinking there are 85+ million individual 360 owners out there. That's not how this works.

Nyxus304d ago

200 million is ridiculous, whoever came up with that number must have been smoking something.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

I'm just trying to figure out who on Earth said that the goal for Xbox is 200 million? I'm not even doubting that someone may have said this simply where is the link?

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TheColbertinator304d ago

Maybe for Microsoft but Nintendo will do as they please. The future of Nintendo is based on games,the future of Microsoft is based on services.

porkChop304d ago

Come on. Research is hard, bro. You can't expect them to get their facts straight before writing something.

goatking304d ago

It is for xbox, but playstation and nintendo will keep going.

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