Kombo TGS 2008: The Last Remnant Preview

Kombo writes: "There were lots of game units in Microsoft's TGS booth for Square Enix's title and demand to play it was high. Anticipation in Japan for title is perceived by many as one of the main reasons that Xbox 360 sales have increased five-fold recently. It was evident how much Microsoft were trying to show off the title to Japanese gamers as alongside Star Ocean, it filled up a huge portion of Microsoft's gaming area. I was eager to get my hands on it after watching the trailer at the Microsoft keynote yesterday and managed to get 15 minutes with the game.

The opening cut-scene looked as fantastic as most of Square Enix's cut scenes are and I was soon thrust into open world gameplay. The terrain was an uninspiring rock and grass canyon and I headed for a horse-like beast in the distance. I pulled the right trigger to enter combat mode and began to work out the controls."

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