Wait a Second, Fracture is Political?

Fracture has hidden political meaning? Oh yes.

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Deviant3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

"Strip away the Sci-Fi setting, and Fracture is a politically charged game wrapped up in plasma gun fight action. In the game, the word "fracture" is used in a literal and figurative sense, the same can be applied to this upcoming political election. The game could have taken place on any world, universe or setting but it was a design choice to pick America for a reason. There is always a point to a story. I think the point that Fracture is trying to get across is that, if differences get in the way and shatter common ground, it won't be possible to put the pieces back together. " ...same could be said about every game more or less

thor3542d ago

Hahaha don't read too deeply into a videogame plot LMAO.