LittleBigPlanet - Top 10 user created objects

Within two weeks of LittleBigPlanet Beta madness, gamers all over the world already created the most incredible objects. Some were quite predictable, but still very cool. Others are jaw dropping creations that we never expected.

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TheHater3449d ago

Wow, I haven't seen the Transformer, and dragon as yet.

marinelife93448d ago

Watch these videos your jaw will drop.

But the dragon wins hands down. Click on the link to the hi def Youtube video of the finished dragon. I can't wait to play that level when I get home.

highdro3448d ago

7 of this content will make the 30 catch fire if it was ported to it :D

hay3448d ago

OMG, incredible. Those people are ingenious.

DARKKNIGHT3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

my chick wants this game since it first was announced.... she was like awwww and all that girly stuff. Im warming up to it has a undefined quality, plus lookatit!!! those graphics are razor sharp

who else?

thewhoopimen3448d ago

Check it out:

It's the full level with the dragon.

Lanoire3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Is this game the most revolutionary next gen game to hit the streets or what!


Whoever doesnt own a PS3 this Xmas with this game, is a LOSER.
This game is like advanced LEGO with CRACK.

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GametimeUK3449d ago

Wheres all the good objets like

The plane that flew into the twin towers
The twin towers
The giant penis
The giant condom


(p.s) I wanted to create a transformer :-(

UltimateIdiot9113448d ago

=[ I tried building a transformer but I couldn't seem to get it to work properly or at least how I would hope it would be. So I've made other creations that are pretty fun. Personally, I have a lot of fun making objects than building the level itself. (Reminds me of the days when I play Lego)

Diamondwolf3448d ago

C'mon Gametime, you should know. All those items are located inside the 7th planet!

Hulligan853449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )


The excavator and the catapult and the tank are MINE! The transformer and the helicopter are mates of mine over on AVForums.


Agente473449d ago

Congrats then, great work you have there :)

Hulligan853448d ago

Cheers! They didnt really take too long to make either.

Im sure if i spent a bit longer on them i could've made them really impressive, but they'll do for now.

Roll on the 24th!

marinelife93448d ago

Great work Hulligan! Bubbles for you!

GametimeUK3448d ago

but the giant penis >>> all

cwir3448d ago

Oh maaan... I spent last 2 days building a level with kind of excavator/crane vehicle.. And yours looks better :(.. Mine's working a bit differently thou so still gonna publish it today but I thought mine was an original idea... Anyway, add me to friends (psnid: cwir) and I'll show you mine. It's actually used in a level to collect mushrooms :)

Great job with it. And remember - I did mine before I saw yours :)

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UltimateIdiot9113448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

The calculator is amazing. The complexity of it is just astonishing. It kind of reminds me of computers in the early days.

Edit: @rawd
Is that sarcasm or what? I can't figure out where you're trying to get at with that comment.

rawd3448d ago

Thinking is for losars. OMG I want to shoot aliens all the time. BLAWBLAWBLAWBLAW

Killjoy30003448d ago

The link won't work. Can someone help me out here, in providing an alternate link? First one who does gets bubbles.

UltimateIdiot9113448d ago

Their site is down. I don't know if there are any alternative links. It will probably be back up later.

Agente473448d ago

You crashed it, server rebooting now.

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