GameSpot TGS 2008: Patapon 2: Don Chaka First Look

GameSpot writes: "Patapon was a quirky, charming little PSP game that combined two disparate genres that most sane people would never have thought of putting together: strategy and rhythm games. And yet this mishmash of styles went on to become quite the critical success, so it's no surprise that Sony is aiming to repeat itself with a sequel. Earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show, we had our first look at Patapon 2: Don Chaka.

The primary focus of Sony's demo was the four-person multiplayer mode. The ability to use rhythmic drum beats to plow through enemies on the game's signature stylish 2D plane was a feature missing in the original Patapon, but now you'll be able to take part in the action with three more heroes. The mode we were shown had a simple goal attached to it: Four players need to work together to lift a giant egg and bring it to a special zone so they can crack it open and obtain the magical mask inside."

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