Warhammer Vermintide and Strange Brigade Devs Explain Why There Aren't More Left 4 Dead Games

From GameWatcher: "Jointly the two Left 4 Dead games from Valve Software are two of the finest and most popular games ever made, and when it comes to co-op survival shooters there's none finer or more unique. The question is then, in the 10 years since Left 4 Dead came out why are they still unique? Why haven't more developers attempted to make compelling co-op shooters in that exact style, travelling across a map surviving?"

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SickSinceSix345d ago

Because Valve can't count to 3?

Dirtnapstor345d ago

Forget L4D, I’m wanting Strange Brigade! Looks awesome!

2ndhandcorn344d ago

Killing floor fills the void , would take these games over some story trash .